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Assignment——Corporate Social Responsibility [2]

论文作者:留学生论文论文属性:作业 Assignment登出时间:2010-04-26编辑:lixiaona点击率:3527

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关键词:AssignmentCorporate Social Responsibility


• a greater emphasis on the analysis and evaluation of CSR theory and its application to national / international scenarios and problems本Assignment代写Assignmentwww.51lunwen.org提供  involving a variety of stakeholders

• the ability to demonstrate originality, creativity and critical analysis

• the ability to demonstrate greater knowledge and understanding through wide relevant reading and research

• excellence in all aspects of presentation and production of the assignment with particular attention to the demands of academic writing

Assessment criteria

In order to gain a good pass for this assignment at this level students are expected to pay attention to the following:
Structure and clarity of expression

The fundamental features of well-structured work are expected as the norm at this level.  There will be proper attention to the type and style of the assignment - in this case academic essay - and the work should remain clearly focused, follow a logical sequence and clear sense of direction even though more complex issues are addressed.

Content and understanding

Knowledge itself is not necessarily rewarded at this level. While extensive knowledge and understanding is expected, it is how this is used in analysis which is more important.  Capable students will demonstrate an awareness of contemporary CSR issues in the local / regional / national or international context as and when relevant to their argument and demonstrate their significance for contributing to a greater understanding of the particular situation as presented by the essay question.  

Students should demonstrate an ability to identify the key CSR issues which are most relevant.  The ability to appraise and evaluate current situations and issues is expected and students should be able to demonstrate skills of critical evaluation during their work.
Reading/Research and Referencing

Reading should extend beyond essential texts and / or general texts and encompass specialist texts as well as the extensive use of journal articles, periodicals including professional/industry publications.  Students should also demonstrate a more selective approach to their reading in order to improve the quality of their work through varied, appropriate sources to logically develop and support their argument.  The proper, accurate presentation of quotations and references is expected and inaccuracies will be penalised, as will the over-reliance on a single source, limited sources of information or poor quality, generalist sources of information.
Application to industry

Students should demonstrate the ability to integrate CSR theory into practice and increasing abilities to demonstrate the use and understanding of the strategic planning and implementation within the context of the assessment question.

Synthesis and Originality

Students should be developing本Assignment代写Assignmentwww.51lunwen.org提供  the ability to draw conclusions, recognise the existence of constraints and make recommendations and suggestions for overcoming obstacles and meeting the challenges presented by the use of CSR.



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