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新衣服店的商业报告-Business Report of A New Clothes Store

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关键词:新衣服店商业报告Business ReportNew Clothes StoreIT Systems


1. Background  背景


With the accelerating development of global economy, there is a trend in the world that most stores need to imrove IT capacities, particularly in the applications development and management (ADM) sector, as to maintain competitive advantages. In this paper, a new clothes store is supposed to be established with some proposed IT systems that can facilitate its main business activities. According to the characteristics of the clothes industry, three systems associated with the store's IT approach will be discussed on the aspects of their purposes, relevant hardware and software components required as well as the cost evaluation.


2. Identification of the Three IT Systems  三大IT系统辨识

2.1 Clothes Recommendation System  衣服推荐系统


As seen from the practice, people usually do not know which clothes to buy and which ones are best fit their clothes that they already have had. With the purpose of solving this kind of problem and improve the customer satisfaction of this store, Clothes Recommendation System will be implemented in order to enhance the customers' shopping experience of buying clothes and thus help the store to get a big crowd and enjoy higher profits.

2.2 Point-of-Sale System
This system is associated with keeping track of all different sizes and styles of clothes in this store. It can provide the store an efficient approach to manage the entire inventory as well as facilitate all the transactions with suppliers, vendors and customers.
2.3 MonitoringSystem
It is mainly consists of a Video Surveillance System and a burglar alarm device that can guard the store against theft. As so large flow of the people everyday in the clothes store, it is essential to keep the video surveillance system and burglar alarm work. Regarding this system, understanding the role of the security monitoring should be an important part of the purchasing process in order to choose one that is best fit the store.

3. Discussion About the Purposes of the Three Systems  关于三项制度目的的讨论

3.1 Purpose of Clothes Recommendation System
Through implementing this kind of system, the clothes store is capable of understanding potential customers' pReference more easily. As a consequence, it can choose to produce the most favouritable clothes in order to reduce the cost of backlog of unsold inventories and the cost of storage of those clothes. Apart from these, it is aimed to improve the customer satisfaction as well as increase the sales revenue by the customized suggested clothes that are more suitable for consumers and they would more likely to buy these.
Additionally, it can also save at least 15% of costs for the store on marketing research steps. Due to the key characteristic of this system, its main functions are handling recommendations requests and then sending out personal news letters. From then on, the customers are avail论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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