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音频流移动应用的市场调研 Marketing Research for Audio Streaming Mobile App

论文作者:www.51lunwen.org论文属性:调研报告 Research Proposal登出时间:2017-08-30编辑:cinq点击率:2486

论文字数:3000论文编号:org201708301404008509语种:英语论文 English地区:英国价格:免费论文

关键词:市场调研Marketing Research留学生作业

摘要:本文是留学生Marketing Research写作范文,主要内容是通过回顾移动应用程序的市场状况,对音频流移动应用软件等进行市场调研。



The modern technologies, software and gadgets have become recently an integral part of our life. It is caused by positive influence on everyday life of each individual who has a smartphone and different mobile apps installed on it. They help us to do any kind of purchase, to book the hotel or tickets and so on. The goal of this paper is to analyze the segmentation and targeting process, and also to review the methods of collecting secondary data. The paper also reviews the mobile apps' market condition. The research provides the methodology of the future study and which of them will be the most usable for such kind of research. The only disadvantage of this paper is a not so long period of time when the data can be useful. And the main cause of such problem is a rapidly changing situation in the external environment.

Keywords: Marketing research; Segmentation; Targeting; Audio streaming mobile app.

Table of Contents

literature review
Anticipated Results

In the last 20-30 years the studies began to acquire a new meaning and value. And it confirms not only its number but also the quality. Research is carried out absolutely everywhere. In any market, industry and niche. Various issues are studied and different goals are put. This may indicate that the mankind has realized their importance and their ability really to open a new knowledge.

The purpose of this study is to conduct marketing research and discover new knowledge in the field of audio streaming mobile apps. Audio streaming is a technology when the user can listen to music directly from the browser or so without any downloading on the phone. All the multimedia content is kept on the server and user need to have only the Internet connection. The mobile app will be constructed on the same technology but with some new features like a possibility to connect with different cloud services and other technical specifies. The author is going to use the primary data as a basis for this project. With the help of existing scientific papers, the author of the study is planning to build a design of marketing research aimed at identifying the target audience and whether there is any interest in this new mobile app, based on key characteristics of audio streaming technologies.

It is necessary to understand the purchase decision-making process and the motivations behind it: why the consumer buys a certain product, when and why s/he is using it, what kind of benefit s/he has or expects to have from the product and the brand (Lhotakova & Klosova, 2009). Clear identifying of target audience before entering a new product will help to reach a good market performance.

Research question: Who is the target audience (TA)?


To conduct a segmentation of market;
To identify the target audience among the segments;
To distinguish a crucial characteristics of typical consumer;
To measure an interest to such kind of mobile app;
To draw a conclusion about possible number of installations.
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