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关于良好有效的领导表现的MBA Essay范文 [3]

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关键词:MBA EssayEssay范文领导力

摘要:本文是留学生MBA Essay范文,主要内容研究领导力的基本定义与概念,并且在实际情况中,领导力如何良好有效的表现进行探讨。

nce during the crisis, he used his previous training to avoid the situation from becoming worse. A classic example of great leadership manifestation was when the aircraft was on the water, he checked inside the aircraft to see if there were any stranded people left on the aircraft after every one had left before he left the aircraft. He also directed the rescue crews to approach and rescue people on the wings first before the people on the life rafts. The third positive leadership trait displayed by the co-pilot was when he went back into the sinking aircraft and located more life jackets for the passengers who had none.

2.3.2 Interpersonal communication: This can be broken down further for this section to include; 'Communication errors, barriers, cultural influences, listening, coordination' (Ljubo V. and Sutherland B, 2010). The above mentioned traits were performed to a high standard in each area this in my opinion was the reason why the outcome of the flight was so successful.

2.3.3 Decision-making: This area of the accident can be further examined with the following factors; 'Risk assessment, risk management techniques, loss of judgement, deviations' (Ljubo V. and Sutherland B, 2010) The aircraft crew did an excellent job in these areas, for example in the 'risk of assessment' the crew were thinking about what was going to be the least risk, landing in the river or the airport they came from? Which ties into 'risk management' they have made a decision so now they must manage the risk of this decision with the appropriate tools to make the outcome successful.

Lessons learnt from the course
We have learnt that the crew in what could be described as an almost hopeless situation pulled off a miracle to save the crippled aircraft. 'Kelly's Followership Model in CRM' mentioned in the slides makes reference to the 'Exemplary Followers: Assertive and not afraid to challenge; essential to safe & efficient ops' (Ljubo V. and Sutherland B, 2010), these are the techniques employed by the crew on the aircraft at all times to ensure a successful outcome to the situation. We have also learnt that a calm head and excellent teamwork are essential to solving any impending crisis. 'It was an integral part of this scenario. We didn't have time to consult all the written guidance, we didn't have time to complete the appropriate checklist, so Jeff Skiles and I had to work almost intuitively in a very close-knit fashion, without having a chance to verbalize every decision, every part of the situation. By observing each other's actions and hearing our transmissions and our reports to others, we were able to quickly be on the same page, know what needed to be done and begin to do it.' (Sullenberger C, 2009)

The captain of the aircraft exhibited the big 5 important factors under the personality traits of leadership. The above qualities exhibited by the leader and complimented by the crews superb CRM was the major factor for the successful outcome. Let's further break these points down into a more detailed analysis of the situation;

2.4.1 Neuroticism (emotional stability): The captain of the flight had no time to channel his energies into anxiety; he said he had to mentally control his emotions so he could use his thoughts to fly the plane instead

2.4.2 Extraversion (sociability): Sullenberger used his teamwork skills to communicate the problem with his co-pi论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。
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