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Impact Of Advertisers On Commercial Media

今天的社会生活里,到处充斥着广告、商业、公共服务、报纸、广播、电视、网络,特别是在街上和购物中心,根本无处可逃。 我们几乎每天都要接触到这些广告,它已经成为我们生活中不可或缺的一部分。广告的繁荣是基于我们的共识:广告说服消费者购买商品。广告客户相信它,零售商就有了机会。

在19世纪,人们对广告有一些怀疑。 皇家委员会坚持认为广告对商业没有影响,并对媒体对新闻的影响同样不屑一顾。正如第一委员会所得结论,试图用广告影响编辑政策似乎是罕见与不成功的(伦,1981)。这种评估否认广告在商业媒体的重要性,这似乎表明,进一步的深入探询是毫无意义的。 然而,我们有理由怀疑该判决是否正确。 在过去的几十年中,媒体广告模式发生了巨大的转变,商业媒体的特点已经改变。如果商业媒体已经改变了功能。在现今的媒体行业,新闻与网络的编辑政策是由广告主微妙的财务压力所塑造的。

因此,在这篇文章中,值得讨论的是广告商影响商业媒体的方式,而不是试图影响其内容。 尤其是隐蔽补贴制度,更要注意的是,广告塑造的大众媒体和媒体已经适应了为争夺补贴,而去满足广告主需求的营销方式。此外,针对广告主的要求,和对媒体和文化产业编辑和创意决策的要求,本文将探讨在一些主要行业的商业媒体的权力变化对这些行业的影响,以弄清当代广告商组织获得更多还是更少的控制和输出的商业媒体。

Living in todays society, everywhere is filled with advertisements, commercial, public service, newspapers, radio, televisions, network, on the street and shopping mall, nowhere we can escape from them. Almost every day we have to come into contact with these ads, it has become an indispensible part of our life. The prosperous of advertising is based on a consensus: advertisements convince consumers to buy the goods. Advertisers believe it and so do the retailers.

In the middle of nineteenth century, there is some skepticism towards adverting. Royal Commissions on the Press are adamant that advertising has no effect on commercial and equally dismissive about the effect of it on the press. Just as the first commission concluded that attempts by advertisers to influence editorial policy 'appear to be infrequent and unsuccessful' (Curran, 1981). Such assess denials the significance of advertisers on commercial media, which seems to suggest that further enquire is pointless. Nevertheless, there are grounds for wondering whether the verdict is correct. Great shifts in the pattern of media advertising have taken place during the last decades, which have altered the feature if the commercial media. In nowadays media industry, the editorial policy of the press and network is shaped and molded by a combination of subtle financial pressure from advertisers.

Thus in this article, it is worth to discuss the alternative ways in which advertisers affect the commercial media instead of over attempts to influence its content. Especially, as a concealed subsidy system, more attention should be paid to the ways advertising has shaped the mass media and the ways the media have adapted to the marketing that advertisers' needs so as to compete for the subsidies. In addition, as with concerns about the impact of advertisers' requirements and demands on editorial and creative decision in the media and cultural industries, basing on the current situations, this article will investigates the influence advertisers in some primary sectors of commercial media, and the changes of their power on those sectors, in order to figure out whether the contemporary advertisers is acquiring more control over the organization and output of commercial media or less.

广告商在商业媒体的角色-The character of advertisers in the commercial media

Since the first modern full service advertising agencies emerged in the late nineteenth century, it has been a major thread of debate about the owner power advertisers put on the media. Mainly, advertisers affect the media by two means: both directly and indirectly ways.

Advertiser's power exert over the information programming they sponsor. As on论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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