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Unemployment in China 浅析中国的失业率

Considering with the social and economic development of China, unemployment is becoming a situation worth studying. In recent years, Chinese people are faced with severe employment challenges regardless of the numerous policies and measures taken by the Chinese government and social partners for promoting employment (Zhang 2). In this research paper, the main types and causes of the unemployment in China are going to be analyzed in the first place. After that the strategic measures of enlarging employment through analyzing our country’s present employment background will be put forward. In the end, the proper conclusion combined with real requirement about the research will come out to make this research paper watertight.考虑与中国的社会和经济发展,失业率正在成为一个值得研究的情况。近年来,中国人民正面临着严峻的就业挑战,无论在众多的政策和采取措施促进就业(2张)由中国政府和社会伙伴。在本论文中,在中国的主要类型和失业的原因要进行分析,摆在首位。之后,会提出的战略措施扩大就业,通过分析我国目前的就业背景。最终结合实际需求的研究,得出正确的结论会出来,使这一研究论文水密。

Historically, from 2008 until 2012, China unemployment rate averaged 4.15 percent reaching an all time high of 4.30 percent in December of 2008 and a record low of 3.90 percent in September of 2002. The next more than ten years is a key period of the new tim www.51lunwen.org/mgzuoye/ e of the reform and open policy. A large number of rural labor force flood into to urban for job and urban residents at the proper working-age also need jobs, which makes this decade in China face with great employment pressure.从历史上看,从2008年到2012年,中国的失业率平均为4.15%,达到了所有的时间在2008年12月和2002年9月3.90%的纪录低点4.30%高。未来十余年,是辰新添的改革开放政策的关键时期。还需要大量的农村劳动力洪水进入城市就业和城镇居民在适当的劳动年龄的工作,这使得这十年中,中国面临巨大的就业压力。

1. Main types and causes of the unemployment in China 中国的主要事业类型和原因

There are five main types of the unemployment situation exists in China and causes of them are consistent with the actual conditions of China and the features of times. 

Let’s begin with the frictional unemployment, which is one of the main types of unemployment in China. The primary cause of frictional unemployment is inadequate information. For quite some time in the past, China had a structure of highly-centralized planned economy, in which the labor market is imperfect developed with employment information occlusion. For this reason, Job seekers can't find the right job as soon as possible, which made it difficult to adapt to the needs of the market economy. Under these specific national conditions, frictional unemployment exists in China. 
The second type of the unemployment in China is the structural unemployment. Along with the further economic development, China will restructure the industry and make it more competitive. New economical industry emerges unceasingly meanwhile those old industries have been eliminated. In a limited resource constraints such as budget constraints, technology limitations, scarcity of talent and so on, the property is empty in china, which caused a large number of enterprise employees laid off.
In addition, cyclical unemployment is also a main pattern which exists as an unemployment type in China. At present, due to the acceleration of market reforms, people are reluctant to spend rashly, and it leads to slack demand. At the same time, the agricultural product market downturn and difficult position of the township enterprises’ development restrain the growth of the farmers' income. What’s more, the wealth of excessive concentration caused by the wealth g论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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