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美国留学本科预科500字作业-youth culture

论文作者:www.51lunwen.org论文属性:作业 Assignment登出时间:2016-12-24编辑:cinq点击率:771

论文字数:500论文编号:org201612241041024156语种:英语论文 English地区:美国价格:免费论文

关键词:美国作业youth culture代写留学生作业

摘要:本文是美国留学本科预科500字作业,主要内容是围绕youth culture这一话题,根据作业要求提供的服装进行分析流行文化趋势。

youth culture


The artwork that I chose is the “souper dress”. The dress is not just a physical product as it is the reification of an idea based on language pun – the word “souper” pertains to the phrase “to soup”, which means having a meal. The pattern of the dress is is repetition of a can of soup in a picture – a scene that pre-faces the event formalized as “having dinner”, which can be visualized and categorized into a consumer product within the frame of human desires, among the seemingly unlimited frames of the same can of soup that hints on the self-replicating nature of desire, and the way consummerism structures itself in order to infiltrate and peer into all parts of the society. 

The boundaries of basic necessities of human in this case – the event of eating and the commercial world, the marketplace that treats every individual's desire and needs as a prerequisite of products is being blurred. It reflects a sense of materialism that pervades youth culture. The necessary event of eating as a human activity is being framed as a product in the popular culture. The frozen product that bespeaks the influence of consumerism on the society and how it is being gratified and feeds on the desires of people through things such as fashion and the culture of glamour that have sparked since the 1960s. The dress is made of paper and it draws inspiration from a very popular can soup that signals a sense of trendiness among the young people at that time. Paper, being such a disposable and instantly disposable material also reflects the disposable quality of products in youth culture, as it is easily changed and can only be relished temporarily.

The design of the dress conveys a senseof whimsical playfulness, catching attention with pop-art patterns and eye-catching colors and shapes that are reminiscent the style that are seen in popular advertisements. These trends are often embraced by youngsters and those people who identify themselves with this idea of youthfulness, even though the novelty appeal of the dress will eventually fades away, and fades away pretty quickly, as the shortcomings of the dress will be exposed as the paper is not actually practical for people to wear and the colors that makes the whole thing beautiful will fade away. Also, the material can be easily destroyed and burnt and sooner or later, get no longer usable, and will be thrown away by the owners. 

On the other hand, even though it is short-lived, paper dress had caused considerable impact on the development of modern fashion. In fact, paper clothing once appeared for a brief time in the late 60s but eventually disappeared and eventually vanished from the market. Of course, paper clothing today can still be used in making disposable garments for specialized purposes, such as in hospitals. The design of the dress createsa vibrant, youthful, fairly enthusiastic and bubblegum image that coincides with the youth culture which always seeks novelty and brightens the day with enthusiasm.


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