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美国留学生作业:南亚女性主义杂志 Journal of feminism in South Asia

论文作者:www.51lunwen.org论文属性:短文 essay登出时间:2017-06-05编辑:anne点击率:1108

论文字数:2247论文编号:org201706052209147186语种:英语论文 English地区:美国价格:$ 66

关键词:美国留学生作业南亚女性Journal of feminism


最近我在南亚的《女权主义》杂志上发表了一篇评论,我突然对女权主义在南亚的研究产生了浓厚的兴趣。性别研究在世界上一直是一个热门话题,特别是在南亚等贫困地区。南亚的大部分国家都是发展中国家,生活水平低,法律立法不完善,因此,经济、政治等多种因素的结合,造成了妇女的不良处境,尤其是在政治参与方面。政治参与是指一系列成功或否、组织与否、偶发与否、合法与否的自愿行为的一系列过程。本文描述的印度大选2009是一个例子。而这些群体行动的目的是影响政治领导人在政府、国家或地方层面的选择。凡是公民,不论男女,都应该参与政治事务,只有这样,才能创造民主社会。但是所谓的“民主”并不是按照定义来执行的。Recently I scanned the journal of feminism in South Asia, I suddenly have a great interest in the study of feminism in South Asia. Gender study has always been a hot topic for a long time in the world, especially in poor areas such as South Asia. Most of South Asia countries are developing countries with a low-level living standard and imperfect legal legislation, therefore, a combination of economic, political and some other factors have caused the bad situation of women, especially in the aspect of political participation in South Asia. Political participation refers to a series of processes of any voluntary actions which are successful or not, organized or not, episodic or not, legal or not. India General elections 2009 described in this paper is an example. And all these mass actions aim to influence the political leaders’ choice at governmental, national or local level. All citizens no matter men or women should take participate in political affairs, only in this way a democratic society can be created. But the so called “democracy” is not carried out as it is defined. The most obvious problem is that males dominate in the formal political system of South Asia and the level of dominance differs in different areas. Even though women can become a part of political activities, they are often assigned to soft portfolios which are appropriate for the concerns of women. There are some barriers which South Asian women are faced with at various levels; they are both formal and informal, which is a result of socio-cultural values and practices and they are all rooted in social systems and structures. Besides, for a family, female members are also considered to be weak and to be in a need of protection from male during a woman’s life. As a popular saying goes: politics is dirty game but it is not meant for females.

South Arica, a region of conflicting and paradoxical complexities, carries some characters as follows: its government is centralized and inequalities are existed in class, gender and taste. Indian and Sri Lanka have been in a democratic situation for the last 50 years, and Bangladesh and Pakistan have been in a state ranging from democracy, militarism to autocracy. Nepal has gone through from democracy to monarchy and then back to democracy. South African women are face with the problems such as poverty, deprivation, high illiteracy rate and morbidity. And women are often the victims of violence. However, South Asia has mobilized lots of women by the initiatives of grass-root in poor areas, which is an example of the Grameen Bank project in Bangladesh ( Kamla &Nighat, 1999). This issue which engage South Asian women in politics, which is familiar to women in any other places in the world. These cover the resistance to militarism, the desire for a right to represent equally in new democracies, and an anger which is as a result of women’s lack of a representative representation in the development project of economy..........................


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