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motivation letter动机信范文:交换生的出国学习申请

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关键词:motivation letter动机信交换生申请



Currently I am in charge of project management in Shanxi Electric Power Design Institute, and in order to improve my management ability, at the same time I am taking part in the MBA program in Northwest University. For this academic year, I maintained an excellent record of study, and experienced different education and cultures by taking courses from high caliber teachers and meeting students from different social backgrounds. My scope of knowledge was broadened, my vision was widened and my thinking patterns were improved. Such experience further strengthened my aspiration to receive advanced education abroad, which I have always been longing for in order to obtain better personal, academic and professional enhancement. 

In my undergraduate study, I majored in Economics. I studied many courses relating to business such asEnterprise Project Management, Human Resources Management, Enterprise Innovation and Entrepreneurial Management and Marketing. I also received training in areas of business communication and negotiation, which I consider play an important role in doing business. Gradually, I generated a strong interest in studying business subjects, and my desire to build up my knowledge base of business continually grew. Hence, I started to expand my study in business during my spare time, such as studying the book Management written by Stephen P. Robbins and Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling (10th Edition) by Harold Kerzner. With the purpose of putting theory into practice, I actively participated in relevant activities, such as carrying out field visits to enterprises and researching on the marketing strategies adopted by these enterprises. The more I got exposed to business knowledge and practice, the deeper I realized that I want to pursue management as my career, thus I joined in Shanxi Electric Power Design Institute as a project manager.

Thinking that today’s globalized and competitive business world is in great demand for all-rounded talents with marketable skills, I have paid great attention to nurturing my overall skills and abilities throughout my career life. For me, project management is with the propose of satisfying or even surpassing the demands and expectations of personnel related to the project, so as to apply outstanding mode of thinking, skills, knowledge and tools to project. In order to optimize input and output, I need to keep the balance of conflicting demands as well as change the thinking patterns of my colleagues. Every time when facing a new project, I should first understand this project in all directions, including the human resource, cost, time management and risks. At the meantime, I have to handle three groups of people, my boss, my customers and my crew numbers, which vastly improve my communication and organization skills. In my understanding, what I have gained from such experiences will do great help to me in my future study and career, adding to my qualifications of studying an academic program and developing a career in the domain of business. 

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