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留学生论文网:AnnualReport范文:Interview with Franck Riboud adventure Health, nutrition,innovation

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Interview with Franck Riboud adventure Health, nutrition,innovation,

R&Dat Danone Vitapole Focus on three business lines Fresh Dairy 留学生论文网Products,Beverages and BiscuitsManagementWhere attitudes countDA N ONE04 the year in review>03DANONE rapport d’activité BASICS > 07Organic growth is the driver for the businessmodel DANONE is building. Interview withCEO Franck Riboud.TRENDS > 021At DANONE, innovation means being opento new ideas, opportunities and scientificbreakthroughs. Here’s what’s happening.BUSINESS > 035Close-up on Groupe DANONE’s threebusiness lines: Fresh Dairy Products,Beverages, Biscuits and Cereal Products.COMMITMENT > 055Six examples illustrate DANONE’scommitment to social and environmentalresponsibility.MANAGEMENT > 063DANONE continues to break new groundin HR policy. Here managers offer personalinsights on key projects in progress.2004 KEY FIGURES > 072Organic growth has never been higher—7.8%. A review of key financial resultsin 2004.DANONE 2004tentsconY> 07 BASICSstrategyDANONE 2004You have described 2004 as anhistoric year. Could you tell us moreabout that and about the Group's businessover the year?Franck Riboud > By “historic” I was simplyreferring to the fact that we posted thestrongest organic growth in our history—7.8%, which is not only our best ever, butalso one of the best showings in the foodindustry worldwide. Obviously, we feel verysatisfied with that, especially as we haverun into some headwinds here and there.But looking beyond that result, I think it isimportant to emphasize two things. Firstly,that we have consistently met our targetsand commitments, year after year. Andsecondly, that we have the capacity tomaintain strong growth.What do you consider the mainsources of growth potential?F. R. > Last year, our three businesses allincreased their sales. But to understandthe dynamics of our Group's growth overrecent years, you need to look at things abit differently— not necessarily in terms ofindividual business lines, even though ourgrowth strategy is clearly founded on thestrength of our three core businesses.Firstly, there are what we call our blockbusters—product concepts that eachgenerate several million euros in salesaround the world and achieve double-digitgrowth. Most of these are in Fresh DairyProducts, and their success reflects thehealth benefits they offer consumers withthe support of consistently high spendingon research and development. To takesome examples, Actimel, Activia—sold asBio in France—and Taillefine-Vitalinea haveall seen sales rise by over 25%.Then there are beverages in Asia, whichare a very powerful source of growthmomentum. We are market leader for waterin China and Indonesia, and we are workinghard to expand our business in beverageswith health and functional benefits.All told, sales were up 14% last year.Which brings me to the third driver forgrowth—geographical expansion. We arebuilding the Groupe DANONE of tomorrowin markets that include not only China andIndonesia, but also Mexico, Russia and,in Fresh Dairy Products, the US. Excludingthe blockbusters I mentioned and beveragesin Asia—so as not to count themtwice—these markets accounted for 16%of our growth last year.These three drivers are showing trulyimpressive results and the potentialremains enormous. And of course thatmakes them strategic priorities forDANONE.How do the health benefits you talkabout fit into your growth strategy?F R. > Concern for health is practically bu论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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