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经济学专业个人陈述样本(Economics Personal Statement)

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关键词:经济学专业个人陈述样本Economics Personal Statement

Economics Personal Statement

  Economics is a rigorous discipline to which I find myself intensely attracted. It is sublime how one can formalise such distinctly organic and complex concepts as welfare relating to individual economic units as well as society. Furthermore, an Economics related degree would allow me to explore, in depth, a range of exciting, multidisciplinary topics as diverse as game theory, a subject only hinted at at A Level and which I would love to explore in university, international trade and development studies. Eagerness to venture beyond the A Level syllabus led me to be selected for Economics, as well as Politics and Physics 'Masterclasses' at Durham University.

  I am an avid reader of 'The Economist', 'Time Magazine', and 'The Times' having an innate interest in current affairs and the machinations of the wider world. This year I had an opportunity to experience the captivating lifestyle, society, culture and economic diaspora of Kenya and Italy. Firstly as a member of Africamp 2002,where I worked with the rehabilitation of street children in Nairobi and was part of a team that reached the summit of Africa's 2nd largest peak, Mt. Kenya and secondly with a Comenius Italian exchange.

  My choice of AS and A Levels, along with other academic achievements, help consolidate and support my desired degree choice. Economics serves as an induction to the fundamental role of economic theory in governing the choices of society. Mathematics allows me to explore the techniques of data analysis and develop an abstract mode of thought, as has Kumon Mathematics. Chemistry and AS Physics have helped broaden my depth of logical awareness. It is my interest in formalised logic that initiated me to take AS Critical Thinking, working mainly independently due to timetable conflicts, and I am currently enjoying studying argument structures and types.本论文英语论文网www.51lunwen.org整理提供

  I have a great passion for the arts; a love of literature and poetry; my collection is published online and a selection has been internationally published in 'Letters From The Soul' anthology and 'The Sound of Poetry' audio CD. I am also a performing and administrative member of xxx Arts, a nationally renowned Folk Dance troupe, as well as of xxx Youth Theatre. Sport is equally important: I have played at the club and tournament level in tennis and additionally at county level in badminton. I am looking forward to gaining a coaching qualification in badminton as well as running the Great North Run next year having run the Junior Great North Run in the past years. Also, I am nearing the completion of the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award.

  I have been an active participant in school life, having been Chairman of the School Council, an Editor of a collaborative publication with other partner schools in Europe, worked as a Peer Mentor for Y9 pupils and managed HSBC Schoolbranch. Additonally, I have been managing director of a Young Enterprise company, have represented the school at the RSC Analytical Chemistry Competition, and have been regional semi-finalist at the Student Innovation Challenge. In the future, having soaring ambition, I see myself successfully involved in economic policy at the international level. In the summer, I would like to work for Accenture as a management consultant.


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