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Thefirst and simplest emotion which we discover in the human mind is curiosity. I believe that when the mind is allowed to think outside thepre-defined constraints of society, the different directions in which it cantravel are infinite.   

Philosophyfor me is the basis on which our lives are based and after reading Aristotles Ethics, it is fascinating to find that a lot of the beliefs I holdare so similar to those held by someone who lived over two thousand years ago.My main inspiration for taking Philosophy is Socrates and his unapologeticmoral compass. Even when confronted with his own mortality, he refuses to takethe easy option that would compromise what he believes in, for me Socratesincorporates everything I feel a good person should be. I am most interested inlearning about Ancient Greek philosophy because I feel that in this day andage, the majority of people have lost sight of the basic principles of moralsand ethics written by the likes of Plato and Aristotle all those years ago. Ialso believe like Descartes that I must forget everything I think I know aboutlife and start from the beginning and the next step for me is university.   

I have particularly enjoyed studying Dr Carol Dweckstheories of Intelligence. I related to this study because I feel that it summedup my years at school almost perfectly. For most of my childhood up until theend of my teenage years my view on intelligence was, as Dr Dweck theorizes, the“Entity theory of intelligence”.Threatened by failure I have shied away from academic study, because I feltthat failure indicated a lack of intelligence and because of this view I nevercommitted myself to my studies. My views on this have radically changed overthe last 7 years and I now believe that intelligence is interchangeable, thatif curiosity is ignited in the right way, it can be enhanced with the onlylimitation being yourself.   

I amcurrently a student of Psychology and Politics which I am really enjoying. Itis exciting to be back in a learning environment and I feel that even though Ihave done a lot of reading at home, nothing compares to being able to debate apoint and question reasoning face to face. I have always been an enthusiasticreader but my thirst for knowledge and understanding didn’t really explode until I was 18. The advancement in availablematerial through the internet has helped me in my quest to learn and understandanything and everything. I have read a huge amount of material on many varyingsubjects from the philosophy of war and pacifism to the psychology behindserial killers and the study of love.   

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