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Want to be a Canadian?

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 Want to be a Canadian?

I have been in Vancouver for one and half year, so I have seen many Canadians. Since I was asked to write something based on my experience in Vancouver, I am going to tell you some tips to be a Canadian, if you'd like to.

Eh: Put "eh " at the end of sentences, then you will sound like a Canadian no matter how a strong accent you have. However, do not overuse it, because it is sometimes irritating if you do so.

An umbrella: Do not use an umbrella. Carrying an umbrella is not cool. Get some rain

jacket, especially the one with a hood. Do not walk fast in the rain. You should put your hood or cap on and walk as if it was not raining and you did not care the rain. More importantly do not forget to use a nice smell shampoo. When your hair gets a little wet, it'll release good smell.

Mountain Equipment Coop: Do you know where you should get your rain jacket? "Mountain Equipment Coop" is where you should go. Look at our all teacher's rain jackets. Do you see any Mountain Equipment Coop jackets? Yeah, everyone is wearing them.

The place to go : If you are a teenager, you should go to Lonsdale Quay on Weekend nights. Many North Van teenagers get together but I don't know what they are doing at there.

Americans : I guess you know how you should deal with them. Try not to like them and complain a little bit about them.

University & College : Change your major at least 3 times.

Hockey : watch it and be able to name at lease three Canucks players.

Coffee : Have some coffee in the morning at school or at work and you know from where.

Summer : If it's a sunny day, go to a beach and get some suntain. Remember do not get a good suntain. Get some pinky one.

Dinner : Have dinner at 6:00. Do not be surprised even if burgers are served.

Burger : Use your B.B.Q.stove outside to grill the burger, I know it'll take more time than just using stove in the kitchen.

Movie : Go to watch a movie on Tuesdays and take some food with you. It's expensive in the theatres.

Clothing : Wear shorts in winter.

Holloween : Go out at Holloween night and threaten lilltle kids to get candies they have gathered.

Daddy & Mommy : Guys! do the dishes and vaccume. Girls! be bossy.

If you want to be a Canadian, you should follow up my advice and here is the last question. Which do you think are more dangerous people or bears? If your answer is people, you are getting a right process to be a Canadian! Bears won't attack us unless you do someting stupid to them. However, people will do attack you. That's how Canadians think. At lease my Canadian friend does.


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