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美国社会学Master assignmen课程作业

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The grapes of wrath 愤怒的葡萄
1. What caused the problem for the Joads?
Because of drought and the transformation of the economic crisis, finance and agriculture, the joads were in utter destitution and expelled from Oklahoma. They were on the way to California for better life, freedom and future. So, I think people at that time are really poor . 
2. Casey’s religion 2.凯西的宗教
After the adultery with church members, he lost faith and believed that religion can not comfort or solve problems of people. Under the situation of refugees in a large number of farmers, he changed his ideas. He verbally told every one is guilty. Religion should not be changed randomly or else it makes no sense. Even more, Casy thinks he could not understand the problem himself. How ridiculous !
3.What does Muley's solution mean?3. Muley的解决方案是什么意思?
Muley is the neighbor of the Joads. When he was invited to go to California with the Joads, he refused. Even if the bank rejected all farmers in accordance with the law, he still refused to leave. In my eyes, his situation was so embarrassing, which shows his strong determination. 
4 Ma’s view of family 4.妈妈对家庭的看法
An determined woman, Ma was regarded as the family’s center of strength over the course. No matter how hard the difficulties she was faced with, she can always meet every obstacles unflinchingly. At the same time, she always comforted other people without hesitation. As far as I am concerned, she was really a nice person. Her spirit teaches us to be caring and kind-hearted.
5 Rosasharn’s pregnancy 5罗莎莎的怀孕
To begin with, Rosasharn was a pregnant. However, the baby died before he was born due to the poor nutrition. It can be read about the transformation of the girl from a hoyden into a mysterious and secretive woman. In fact, Rosesharn held the promise of a new beginning. When she delivered a stillborn baby, the promise seems broken, which can be a symbol of hope. It can be conclude that the hope meant a lot at that time. Even if the hope was broken, people were still confident.
6 The dog  6狗
There are three dogs in the novel. Unluckily, a dog died when the Joads were in the gas stop. A roaders ran down the dog. We can know that the gruesome death of the dog constitutes the first of many symbols of foreshadowing the tragedies that await the family.

Brave New World 美丽新世界
1. Bernard Marx ’s problem伯纳德·马克思的问题
Bernard Marx studies at the central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre. He is a misfit. An alleged accident with alcohol leads to the stunted body. And his independent thoughts come from his inferiority and depression. Sometimes, he is angry, resentful and jealous. people should have good temper to get along with others. 
2. Sex 性别
In London, john starts to feel unsatisfied with the society of new world with his own values. Because the sexual desire of locals is very strong and people enjoy sex, which are very boring or injustice in his eyes. At the same time, local people are very surprised, because John's thought and behavior are so strange. Different people from different areas have different perspectives about sex. In modern city, people are more open.
3. The savage reservation 野蛮的保留

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