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关于教育理论的实用性研究: Educational theory researchers [5]

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关键词:Educational theoryMoral Education

ications, principally by instrumentalist conceptions of inquiry and notions of curriculum integration. There can also be little doubt that pragmatist ideas in general are potentially damaging to any epistemology which construes forms of inquiry in terms of discrete logical structures. Indeed, it could hardly be more striking that the denunciation by W.V.O Quine and others of the analytic-synthetic distinction - that very mainstay of British empiricism upon which Hirst leans so heavily for his distinction between scientific and logico-mathematical inquiry - is a radical high point of pragmatist thought.5 But, it would appear that many educational philosophers have taken the last nail in the coffin of educational epistemology to be driven by yet more radical developments of mainstream philosophy - marked especially perhaps by a particular encounter between pragmatism and "poststructuralism" - which have raised fundamental questions about the very viability of epistemology as a going concern in anything like the sense entertained by the great enlightenment theorists of knowledge.
There can be little doubt that so-called "postmodern" currents of thought, hailing especially from pragmatist, "postanalytical" and poststructuralist sources, have led - under the influence of such philosophers as Richard Rorty, Alasdair MacIntyre, and Jean-François Lyotard - to widespread skepticism among educational philosophers about the value of traditional epistemology. Hence, it is seems to have become almost de rigueur to be "incredulous about metanarratives" and to prefer the relativist - or at least pluralist - language of rival traditions or narratives to any absolutist talk of objective knowledge and truth; though it is open to question whether some popular interpretations of the main authors of such views faithfully reflect their true intent.6 MacIntyre, for example, explicitly repudiates relativism in the interests of what appears to be (as best one can tell) a Hegelian conception of truth as some sort of reconciliation of the theses and antitheses of rival traditions.7 Again, though Rorty stands squarely within a tradition of pragmatist opposition to realist notions of truth as conception-independent reality, his equally pragmatist coherentism considerably distances him from any promiscuous "anything goes" relativism. Despite that for Rorty, our theories are no mirror of nature, it is clear that there are on his account rational criteria - of logical consistency, economy, and utility of explanation - for preferring round to flat earth theory, or Copernican to Polemic astronomy.8
All the same, in pursuit of a line of inquiry recently opened up by John McDowell, it is arguable that most of the contemporary views which have influenced present day hostility towards enlightenment faith in any realist conception of objective truth are, albeit variously, misled by certain nineteenth century idealist misreadings of Kant.9 As McDowell shows, it is Kant who makes the most notable of modern attempts - via the insight that "intuitions without concepts are blind" - to heal the early modern, specifically Cartesian, separation of thought from world.10 However, Kant's own attempt in the first Critique to show that the requirement for experience to be conceptualized even to be experience is not incompatible with the recognition that there is an external reality to which our experiential judgments nonetheless re论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。
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