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关于教育理论的实用性研究: Educational theory researchers [6]

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关键词:Educational theoryMoral Education

fer, is - in its retention of the noumenon - highly unstable. The irony is that in dispensing with the thing in itself as the last redoubt of that early scientific "bald naturalism" Kant was so keen to oppose, Kant's idealist heirs - by endorsing a very un-Kantian divorce of our concepts from reality - served more to reinforce than undercut Cartesian dualism. It is therefore at least arguable that the currently fashionable fatuity (in educational philosophy and more widely) that there are no objective facts because all human observations are theory or value laden (in which case, one might ask, what would there be for our theories to explain) hinges upon fatal assimilation of the truth that we cannot have unconceptualized observations to the falsehood that knowledge hardly amounts to much more than a high degree of conceptual coherence; it is just this assimilation which leaves neo-Hegelian and pragmatist conceptual schemes and narratives "spinning frictionless" in McDowell's void.11
All this is controversial and beyond present scope. But what seems rather less so is that postmodern challenges to traditional epistemology, thus conceived, may actually do more to keep epistemological inquiry in business than close it down. First, let us recall the familiar Platonic argument against a sophistical conception of knowledge in the Theaetetus.12 If a postmodernist is indeed arguing that there is no such thing as objective truth upon which to base our knowledge claims, and that such claims are no more than so many rival narratives which do not admit of rational arbitration, then we may ask whether this is itself a serious truth claim. Should the answer be no, there is no argument to pursue further? If the answer is yes, the claim is clearly self-refuting. But we have already observed that it seems more reasonable to construe the likes of MacIntyre or Rorty as engaged in various modes or levels of critique of traditional epistemology than as denying that nothing could coherently count as a knowledge claim - or, at any rate - that there are no rational criteria for preferring one human perspective or narrative to another. At one level, there is the critique of a certain traditional foundationalist conception of epistemological inquiry - the so-called "enlightenment project" - which, in granting knowledge status only to what is beyond all doubt, arguably aspired to impossible standards of objectivity; however, this does not necessarily involve any anti-realist denial of objective facts - since much modern realism is of a critical and fallibilist kind which readily accommodates the idea that our knowledge claims are susceptible of periodic overhaul. But, to be sure, much modern and postmodern philosophy is informed by anti-realist or non-realist - pragmatist, use-theoretical, coherentist and so on - currents of thought, which do raise perennial philosophical questions about traditional correspondence and/or "passive spectator" conceptions of the relations between knowledge, truth, experience, and reality.
What relevance has all of this to questions of teacher professionalism? It hardly needs emphasizing that political pressures to greater professional accountability have lately gained much ground in Britain and other developed countries. In the case of teacher preparation these pressures have mostly been expressed, somewhat ironically, in government and other official attacks on educational theory as a signi论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。
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