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摘要:国家的外交方针或外交取向是指国家对外部国际环境的总的态度与承诺,是其实现内 外目标与抱负的根本对外战略,它在较长时期内具有相对稳定性。根据一定时期国际体 系的力量构成、代写留学生论文各国行为方式和对于变动的国际格局的反应与介入程度,我们可以区分 出国家可能采取的三种主要外交取向,即孤立主义、中立主义(不结盟主义)和联盟主义 。本站提供留学生论文代写服务,详情请与本站客服联系。

Country's foreign policy or diplomatic orientation refers to the state general attitude of the external international environment and commitment to the fundamental foreign strategy to achieve internal and external goals and aspirations, it is relatively stable over a longer period. A certain period of the international system http://www.51lunwen.org/ forces constitute the national behavior and response to changes in the international situation and the degree of involvement, we can distinguish three main foreign countries may take orientation, that is isolationist, neutralist (NAM ') and Union '. (Note: a "neutral" and "non-aligned" here refers to two aspects of the same foreign-oriented: "neutral" means not to participate, not involved in the http://www.51lunwen.org/ confrontation of conflict and war between countries or groups of countries; the Non-Aligned is not with any country or group of countries to form the third-party security, defense or military alliance. this diplomatic strategy often completely described as "usually the Non-Aligned wartime neutral", which is the country free to take foreign policy, and therefore not legally binding, international law is "neutral" or "neutral", which is to grant recognition to the form of a treaty between the major powers. In addition, rigorous analysis, "neutralism" foreign policy is more than the non-aligned 'self-restraint: "neutralism" must be "non-aligned" and "non-aligned'" may not be "neutral", ie, "non-aligned" is one http://www.51lunwen.org/ country pursue the necessary condition of "neutralism", but not sufficient condition for the Non-Aligned Countries provisional decision to participate in war and conflict examples in history is not difficult to find, it is in this sense, "neutralism" is more accurately expressed traditional diplomatic orientation in Sweden. may refer to: 1992 edition of the Encyclopedia of China political Volume, 602; KJHolsti, InternationalPolitics: AFrameworkforAnalysis, Prentice-hall, 1972, p.106.)


The neutralism think with his country or bloc alliance will inevitably lose the freedom of movement, that is lost according to their need for flexibility in development of foreign policy autonomy. Instead, take the non-aligned foreign policy of neutrality, you can make an independent nation-states to get more room for diplomatic http://www.51lunwen.org/ activities, and to influence his country's attitude and behavior, thus increasing diplomatic influence. In fact, the alliance diplomacy lose some freedom of movement but also bear the responsibilities and obligations of assistance to allies, but it is through the bond of alliance, much larger than its own power towards its individual capacity can not achieve diplomatic goals . Therefore, it is difficult to say in the abstract what kind of diplomatic strategy could engender a more diplomatic interests, and taken the diplomatic route should be based on each country's specific situation and external environment in which In addition, the success of a neutral, non-aligned foreign strategy, in addition to decision-makers are willing to, but also need to have a series of prerequisite. These conditions include: enabling the power structure in the international system; itself have to ensure its independence and territorial integrity of the defense capability to resist the invasion of those who ignore their own neutral position; the friendly attitude of the State policy, or do not have special interest; moderately away from the major international flashpoints; as well as 论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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