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Ten words in Context
1.accessibleadj. E.g.: The department store was not accessible from her side of the road, so Tom looked ahead for a U-turn.
__1__ accessible means A. good to look at B. within reach C. desirable
2.awen. e.g.; Frank and Donna have different types of idols. Although Frank greatly admires Michael Jordan, Donna is filled with awe for Mother Teresa.
__2__ awe means A. anger B. respect C. hope
3.citevt. E.g.: Jeff was embarrassed but pleased when the teacher cited his essay as an example of good writing.
__3__ cite means A. to forget B. to mention C. to ignore
4.compatibleadj. e.g.: My girlfriend and I weren’t very compatible; whenever she wasn’t angry with me, I was angry with her.
__4__ compatible means A. well-known B. healthy C. in agreement
5.exemptadj. e.g.: Students with A average were exempt from final exams, so the top three students went to the shore while the rest of us sweated it out on exam day.
__5__ exempt means A. excused B. in fear C. hiding
6.prevailvi. E.g.: Most Hollywood movies have a happy ending: good prevail over evil.
__6__prevail means A. to win B. to watch C. to lose
7.propelvt. E.g.: My brother gave me a shove, which propelled me into the lake fully clothed.
__7__propel means A. to support B. to move forward C. to raise
8.rationaladj. e.g.: The belief that breaking a mirror brings seven years of bad luck isn’t rational.
__8__rational means A. helpful B. kind C. reasonable
9.retortn. e.g.: When Shelley’s balding boyfriend made fun of her new perm, her retort was, “Jealous?”
__9__retort means A. a wish B. an answer C. a fact
10.retrievevt. E.g.: I can’t retrieve my answer from the library until tomorrow, since the library had closed by the time I realized the sweater was missing.
__10__retrieve means A. to remember B. to touch C. to get back

Final check: Here is a final opportunity for you to strengthen your knowledge of the ten words. First read the following selection carefully. Then fill in each blank with one of the ten words. Use each word once.
                Our headstrong Baby
Before our child was born, we truly believed we would be __11__ from many of the restrictions of our friends who were parents. Being novices at parenthood, we were sure a baby and a nicely decorated home could be __12__. We thought we could just explain to the baby in a calm, __13__ manner that certain objects in the house were not to be touched. But now we are parents, and our illusions about babies are gone. Now we are in __14__ of a tine infant’s amazing abilities. We’ve learned that when an adult and a baby disagree, the baby will almost always __15__. We’ve learned, too, that a child who can’t even crawl can somehow__16__ its little body over to an object that attracts it. It took us a while to admit defeat— we could__17__ examples of vases broken and books chewed into pulp. But we finally gave up and realized it was up to us, not the baby, to avert daily destruction. We look at our formerly attractive house now and see that every surface which is__18__ to the baby has been cleared of everything but toys. So now, when our childless friends laugh at us as we__19__ our belongings from the uppermost shelves of the house, this is our __20__: “We’ll listen to you when you have a kid of your own.”

1—5 BBBCA 6—10 ABCBC
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