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English majors tolerance of ambiguity and reading comprehension achievement

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关键词:Tolerance of AmbiguityReading Comprehension AchievementCognitive Style

摘要:Ambiguity is one of the inherent characteristics of natural language and exists widely in humanlanguage. There is no doubt that English makes no exceptions. In the complicated process of Englishlearning, learners are not only confronted with the ambiguities of English language itself, but also theambiguities or uncertainties due to the non-total correspondence between English and Chinese in theirpronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, meaning, pragmatics, culture and so on. Therefore, learners must owna certain degree of tolerance of ambiguity when absorbing and dealing with English information.

Chapter 1 Introduction


1.1 Research background
Traditionally, people always believe that ‘good’ language involves (among other things) clarity andprecision, and vagueness, ambiguity, imprecision as well as uncertainty should be avoided. However,ambiguity is one of the intrinsic and inherent characteristics of natural language, and people do useambiguous words and expressions to convey information and communicate with each other in daily life.Furthermore, many studies home or aboard have suggested that ambiguity is actually present in a greatdeal of language use, and that a complete theory of language must have ambiguity as an integralcomponent.American scientist L.Zadeh was the first one who proposed the concept of fuzzy set in 1965. Hestated that most categories we met in the real world had no clear boundaries, which played a significantrole in logic, identification of modes and transference of information. Since then, this theory has beenapplied to many fields and got great achievements, such as philosophy, Psychology, mathematics, socialscience, natural science, linguistics and so on. Therefore, a new discipline --- Ambiguous Linguistics cameinto being. A lot of researchers such as Lakoff, Prince et al and Channell had collected and analyzed a greatamount of natural corpora, which further deepened people’s understanding about the ambiguous nature oflanguage.There appeared to have been two contradictory points of view: one was that ambiguity in languagewas a bad thing, that is, language must be very explicit; the other was that it was a good thing, in otherwords, sometimes inexplicitness of language was helpful in language use.In recent years, people are becoming increasingly aware of the important role cognitive styles play insecond language acquisition. TOA is the one of cognitive variables which is infrequently explored despiteits practical implications for language learning and teaching.


1.2 Research motivations and objectives
At present, English is widely taught as a compulsory course in schools of all levels, and the numberof learners is skyrocketing. More and more people consider English to be a useful and prestigious languageand a ladder to success. However, china’s long existing education mode has long neglected or has failed tocater for different individual characteristics. Despite the fact that most Chinese students place a high valueon English, not many of them have achieved their wish to be proficient in English; therefore, there is anurgent need to systematically study and understand learner variables in English language learning.Tolerance of Ambiguity is one of the important cognitive variables among individual learnerdifferences. Compared with other variables, such as anxiety, empathy, motivation, self-esteem which havebeen well discussed and investigated by researchers and theorists, the study of tolerance of ambiguity is arelatively under-cultivated area, yet it seems to bear no less importance. In view of this, it is possible for usto make some contributions to this under-explored area.Reading comprehension plays an important role in language learning and testing, which is a complexcognitive and psychological process and is also a creative action of extracting information actively.Moreover, reading comprehension ability is widely regarded as one of the most important comprehensiveabilities in Second Language Acquisition (SLA). Therefor论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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