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摘要:Spain's contemporary writer of cable is custom objectivism represents the writer. Its creation style is, is good at "yu" in particular social groups of local conditions and customs.

Spain's contemporary writer of cable is custom objectivism represents the writer. Its creation style is, is good at "yu" in particular social groups of local conditions and customs; Content is novel, the weird, attaching importance to the mood of the characters portrayed, especially depressed, disappointed and loneliness attitude; In the language form, pay attention to natural and smooth, and, following the character of the way you feel. But, to some works, cable is not get bogged down in the customs socialist, but often learning from other types of novel mode, such as detective novels, psychological analysis such as novels, so the study of her work, should do specific analysis. 英语论文网www.51lunwen.org

内容提要: 西班牙当代女作家索莱达是风俗主义代表作家。其创作风格是,善于“摹写”特定地区社会群体的风土人情;内容新颖、怪异,重视对人物的情绪描绘,特别是郁闷、惆怅和孤独的心态;在语言形式方面,讲究自然流畅,跟着人物的感觉走。但是,索莱达有些作品并不拘泥于风俗主义,而是经常借鉴其它类型的小说模式,如侦探小说、心理分析小说等,因此研究她的作品时,应该做具体分析。
关键词: 索莱达 风俗主义小说 情绪 自然流畅 具体分析
The novel one begin to "don't, lovers of the subject and explain:" I "on Christmas Eve secretly sneak out of the house with lover date. It is against the sense in Spain, because Christmas is family family day. So "I" swear: this is the last time lying cheating family out make this "underhand love affair". Because there is always a lie, is always busy with the date, let "I" was bored. And this is the betrayal of the family, is ugly despicable behavior. For this, "I" would rather quiet stay home, "even if be bored, miss, sadness, or even a little depressed." The author then deep exploring "I" why such a sad and sad mood: "the more we realize how you are alone!" The reason is caused by lonely communication between people of difficulty, is not each other understanding others, is unwilling to do a listen, considerate person. Meet a problem, "no one support" ", no one tolerance "", no one gave we love". In the final analysis, it is selfish. "I" and side which is difficult to exchange Cecilia's plug, with their respective the abacus. "I" just wanted to have each other's body, don't want to have any commitment. Cecilia also in dream: hope someone really love her, so specially by coach came to Madrid and adulterous trysts; She is eager to romantic, the pure love is eager to tell the life's distress, get the lover's advice. But, the road different and separate is inevitable.

From "I" the perspective, the "I" in my bones have to society and life are tired of: "hidden in this way behind the Great Wall is just make us feel city disgusting and boring city, is that we want to abandon city"; And for his life is: "I feel more and more like a piece of alpine DongTuDe, like a piece of barren fields, there is unlikely to produce any fruit." This is the contemporary Spain middle class a common state of mind: lose hope. Over the "I" has grey, a middle-aged man, a beautiful, young lovers momaihanqing at, smile, scene of the conversation "stuck in my head, I don't know why this it would have caused discomfort, make me more away from Cecilia". Even, then "I" and lover Cecilia came to my hotel room make love ", I "idea is still in the beautiful lovers, especially on the girl:" the bar to see the image of the pretty girl clothes still reflected in my mind." Obviously, the "I" is for the pretty girl for the right. This beautiful image prompted "I" said goodbye to all the lovers. This is meaningful. Especially the works of the last words is intriguing: "I from counter top up with a glass of wine and look forward to the mood l论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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