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关键词:Starbucks in Colombia哥倫比亞星巴克咖啡店留学论文


哥伦比亚因可以生产全球最高品质的阿拉比卡小果咖啡豆而闻名于世。但是值得注意的就是哥伦比亚人并不喜欢喝咖啡比较起来,通常每位巴西人平均每年要喝掉六公斤咖啡豆。美国人喝的比较少——四公斤左右——但其中大多数来自哥伦比亚,全球第四大咖啡生产国。哥伦比亚每年生产四十六万二千吨咖啡豆,大部分用于出口。质量较差,进口自厄瓜多和秘鲁的咖啡豆,反而占哥伦比亚国内消费的九成。但过去十年,由全国咖啡公会(代表咖啡农)经营的Juan Valdez咖啡店,可以努力尝试转变哥伦比亚人成为高级咖啡豆的爱好者。

我们可以学习西雅图著名连锁企业巨人星巴克(Starbucks),Juan Valdez咖啡店现在正准备与星巴克直接竞争。八月底,美国星巴克总公司宣布明年将在哥伦比亚开设第一家分店。

COLOMBIA is renowned the world over for is fine Arabica coffee beans. Oddly, few Colombians appear keen on the stuff. Each consumes just 1.5kg of coffee per year on average. A typical Brazilian, by comparison, glugs 6kg-worth. Americans knock back less—around 4kg—but a lot of it comes from Colombia, which is the world's fourth-biggest producer. The bulk of the country's yearly production of 462,000 tonnes is destined for export. Lesser-quality imports from Ecuador and Peru account for 90% of internal consumption. But for the past decade coffee shops, owned by the powerful National Coffee Federation, which represents growers, have tried to convert Colombians to the pleasures of high-end coffee.

Modelled on Starbucks, the Seattle-based barista giant, Juan Valdez is now bracing for direct competition from it. Last week the American firm announced that it will open its first store in Colombia next year. 'The arrival of Starbucks is no surprise for us,' says Alejandra Londoño, an executive at Juan Valdez. 'We paved the way for them by introducing Colombians to the coffee store experience.' Before Juan Valdez began opening stores throughout Colombia a decade ago 'the custom of drinking coffee outside the home didn't really exist.'

Starbucks' entry into Colombia follows Juan Valdez's own foray into the American company's home turf in Seattle, where it opened three shops in 2005. These have since closed but the federation still runs outlets in New York and Miami, as well as Spain, Chile, Peru, Panama and Mexico. 'We weren't trying to intrude on their turf but wanted to take advantage of the coffee culture that Starbucks had created,' Ms Londoño explains.

Indeed, Juan Valdez thinks it has learned so much from Starbucks that it does not fear looming competition. And it believes stressing its local roots give it an edge—though it remains to be seen whether invoking tradition will work in a country traditionally uninterested in coffee. Starbucks isn't taking any chances. The American chain says it will serve only locally grown beans at the 50 stores it hopes to open in the next five years. This is good news for coffee growers, who have been hurt by low international coffee prices and an overvalued peso. Increased domestic sales, even to an international chain, would be a better pick-me-up even than a cup of Colombia's choicest blend.

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