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摘要:代写英国史职称论文-英国国史演义-With the mainland sink be migrated across, the British inceptisols island, more than about 500 kilometers long,The eastern part of narrow says "of Dover strait" and the narrowest point is only 33 kilometers.

代写英国史职称论文-英国国史演义-Said na ying giovanni cobolli gigli countries, but the Eurasian northwest corner, the Atlantic ocean and north sea between Britain
The island. The island with the European connected, but because tens of thousands of years ago changes in the earth's crust, and the sea JinMan, connected to Britain
With the mainland sink be migrated across, the British inceptisols island. The strait, more than about 500 kilometers long,
The eastern part of narrow says "of Dover strait" and the narrowest point is only 33 kilometers, unarmed can al qaeda swimming; Fault is KuanZhe says
"The English channel", the widest place but also more than 240 kilometers, a reed can be suspended. Though far apart on both sides,
But among the huge empty, the great tide, and very strong wind was blowing, the rain and snow and thundering, article nature
A very sinister. There is the barrier block, the British Isles and the outside world traffic inconvenience, is down in Britain
After the European continent. However a foreigner there is another "good domain: one from government to rule, no KuLi fraud
Pressure, and have no legal constraints, land is vast day wide, free; 2 don't agricultural tax, how many kinds of food cooking
How many meals, how much to eat much meat game play, food and clothing to abandon, self-sufficient. Moreover the island is a pretty though
Drought, but there is no beast, desert and gobi, poisonous extremely hot or cold weather, etc., but a warm climate, fertile land,
Grass, which have been found bubbling streams, living very appropriate. Thus Europe land residents any difficulty often, went across the sea to to the island
, who cultivation, breeding stock. Before and after the, the island has is southeast mi-combined barking, everywhere human beings.
At this time the Roman empire was booming, seek hegemony in the western world. The Roman people from the ancient sages earlier books
That the north sea have big island name "universal column,", and said the islanders smell very multiply, rich products,
He wants to incorporate it into the territory. First Roman general, the governor now with Julius Caesar Gaul twice the teacher of the west sea invasion,  http://www.51lunwen.org/uk/  
Then the Roman emperor claudius army captain who YuJia personal expedition, finally beat the celtics people on the island, will not
Britain became a Roman Columns to the provinces. The Romans set garrison on the island, and make a wall roads, rule for more than 400 years.
In the 4 th century, continental Europe and fast-changing, history of the famous "ethnic migration" start
....... The event's leading role, is German.
The Germanic peoples living in central Europe, namely the north are the Baltic and the north sea, south to the Danube, east to the d
The river, watts, west is wide area of the Rhine river. The national life have to tall, skin white,
Blond, appearance is very handsome. However temperament fierce but tough, and a savage, and Rome says
As "barbarians", and often prayer to god, "absolutely don't let your nose smell the smell of barbarians".
Why so? Cover for the Germanic behind the social development, living simple, they managed to as its main business, garment Jo
Skin and meat eating milk, and rarely take a bath, smell and a few no to the cattle feeding. But German
Also has the same strengths to the Romans values, namely martial fighting. They used to make a sharp iron short spe论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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