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奔跑于野——论莫马岱小说中本土裔的回归与逃避 [4]

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deeply that there was always one sharpfragment of the scene occurring in his mind even when he came back to the reservation.While after the experience of the Second World War, “he has lost the ability to exist inthe dimension of his previous life and the great problem for Abel is how to get back intoit (everything familiar but unavailable to him on the reservation)” (Fiorentino 64). Hesuffered trauma of the war and became dumb, irritated and lost into another kind ofpanic. He could only return to calmness when wandering among the mountains andcanyons. When confronting the attack of the albino in the ceremony of pulling therooster, he dealt with it negatively and passively. Abel’s mare hopped and squatted andreared, and Abel hung on it. While the albino’s black horse stood firmly in ground,terrified Abel’s mare and stopped the mare to retreat and escape. The disparity of thehorses had shown the imbalance of the power between Abel and the albino. This is notcommon for Indian warriors to be coward. One reason could explain Abel’s uneasinessand recession might be that “Abel was not used to the game” (40), but it also impliedthat Abel’s failure to rejoin the tribal community and culture after the Second WorldWar.


Momaday’s House Made of Dawn is not the first Native American literary worktelling about the culture and life of the Natives, but it is this novel that commenced thebloom of a new Native American literature and paved a path for young successors. Hisworks not only clearly illustrate the conflicts between two different races and cultures,but also point out some critical social problems faced by the young Native Americans inthe outer world. The young Native Americans influenced by the white world, just likeAbel and Set, not only had difficulties rejoining in their tribal community but also haddifficulties assimilating into the white world. They just trapped in between two differentcultures and worlds without root. Finally, they receded from cities to the reservationwith a broken heart. With returning to the reservation, the link between them and theland (universe) were repaired, their memory of the tribal traditions revived, and theirenergy and integrity restored. They realized their transformation during running on theland.Given the frequency and location of running occurs in House Made of Dawn andThe Ancient Child, it is not too easy to overlook or underestimate the significant role ofrunning in the novels. Running itself is a kind of strenuous and time-consuming activitywhich has some differences with short-distance race or relay. It has some similaritieswith the colonial history of the Native Americans. The ruuners on the path need greateffort and perseverance to endure hardships and adjust themselves to fit the changingcourse gradually. The history of the Native Americans since the landing of Columbiaand his crew can never be an even and peaceful process. It is full of thorns and bullets.When the buffalos were slaughtered, the Sun Dance had to be suspended; when the landwas occupied, the Natives lost their homeland where their ancestors once dwelled on.From then on, the root of Indianness began to shake. With the settlement of thewesterners on the tribal land and the relocation of Native Americans in the white cities,more and more Native Americans came to be influenced by the western culture andreligion. They longed to live a decent life as the white; however, they encounte论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。
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