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1 There's no fun in spending the whole evening playing cards.
A enjoyment B strength C temper D excitement
2 On Thanksgiving in the United States, families gather and give thanks for the blessing(祝福) of the past year.
A pick up B come together C compete D correspond
3. In Tom's eyes, the restaurant at the corner of the street is a very smart one.
A clever B elegant C loyal D brave
4. He was said to have been removed from the position of manager for a recent conflict with an important customer.
A dismissed B released C picked D exposed
5 I don't feel secure when I am alone in the house.
A safe B pretty C distant D obvious
6 Swedish is the native language of most Swedes.
A natural B home C mother D ancient
7 Ms Hawkins handles the company's accounts.
A deals with B deals in C holds on D holds out
8 I reserve the right to disagree.
A deserve B keep C perceive D notice
9 The solid facts he provided in his speech left a deep impression on his audience.
A strong B entire C reliable D hard
10 We can't take more than 100 guests.
A hold B set C let D catch
11 My sister has a talent for music.
A interest B limitation C dream D gift
12 The city was literally destroyed.
A word-for-word B eventually C actually D likely
13 It is very late; hence you must go to bed.
A from now on B later C elsewhere D thus
14 This book embraces many subjects.
A adopts B covers C presses D accepts
15 He is sure of the coming of investment boom after adopting the new investment policies.
A decrease B increase C influence D preparation
The Cold Places
The Arctic is a polar region. It surrounds the North Pole.
Like Antarctica, the Arctic is a land of ice and snow. Antarctica holds the record for a low temperature reading ----- 125 Fahrenheit below zero. Readings of 85 degrees below zero are common in both the Arctic and Antarctica. Winter temperatures average 30 degrees below zero in the Arctic. At the South Pole the winter is about 73 degrees below zero.
One thing alone makes it almost impossible for men to live in Antarctica and in parts of the Arctic. This one thing is the low temperature --- the killing chill of the far North and the polar South.
To survive, men must wear the warmest possible clothing. They must build windproof shelters. They must keep heaters going at all times. Not even for moment can they be unprotected against the below-zero temperature.
Men have a way of providing for themselves. Polar explorers wrap themselves in warm coats and furs. The cold makes life difficult. But the explorers can stay alive.
What about animals? Can they survive? Do we find plants? Do we find life in the Arctic and the Antarctica? Yes, we do. There is life in the oceans. There is life on land.
Antarctica, as we have seen, is a cold place indeed. But this has not always been the case. Expedition scientists have discovered that Antarctica may have been much like our own.
Explores have discovered coal in Antarctica. This leads them to believe that Antarctica at one time was a land of swamps and forests. Heat and moisture must have kept the trees in the forests alive.


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