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   A Tale of Scottish Rural Life
   Lewis Grassic Gibbon’s Sunset Song (1932) was voted “the best Scottish novel of all time”by Scottish’s reading public in 20051 Once considered shocking for its frank description of aspects of the lives of Scotland’s poor rural farmers,it has been adapted for stage,film,TV and radio in recent decades.
   The novel is set on the fictional estate of Kinraddie,in the farming country of the Scottish northwest in the years up to and beyond World War I.At its heart is the story of Chris,who is both part of the community and a little outside it.
   Grassic Gibbon gives us the most detailed and intimate account of the life of his heroine.We watch her grow through a childhood dominated by her cruel but hard-working father;experience tragedy (her mother’s suicide and murder of her twin children);and learn about her feelings as she grows into woman.We see her marry,lose her husband,then marry again.Chris has seemed so convincing a figure to some female readers that they cannot believe that she is the creation of a man2.
   But it would be misleading to suggest that this book is just about Chris.It is truly a novel of a place and its people.Its opening section tells of Kinraddie’s long history,in a language that imitates the place’s changing patterns of speech and writing.
   The story itself is amazingly full of characters and incidents.It is told from Chris’ point of view but also from that of the gossiping community,a community where everybody knows everybody else’s business and nothing is ever forgotten.
   Sunset Song has a social theme too.It is concerned with what Grassic Gibbon perceives as the destruction of traditional Scottish rural life first by modernization and then by World War 1.Gibbon tried hard to show how certain characters resist the war.Despite this,the war takes the young men away,a number of them to their deaths.In particular,it takes away Chris’ husband,Ewan Tavendale.The war finally kills Ewan,but not in the way his widow is told.In fact,the Germans aren’t responsible for his death,but his own side.He is shot because he is said to have run away from a battle.
   If the novel is about the end of one way of life it also looks ahead.It is a “Sunset Song”but is concerned too with the new Kinraddie,indeed of the new European world.Grassic Gibbon went on to publish two other novels about the place that continue its story.
   1. Lewis Grassic Gibbon’s Sunset Song(1932)was voted“the best Scottish novel of all time”by Scottish’s reading public in 2005.Lewis Grassic Gibbon的《日落歌》(1932年)在2005年被苏格兰读书界投票为“所有时代中的最佳的小说”。
   2. Chris has seemed so convincing a figure to some female readers that they cannot believe that she is the creation of a man.在一些女读者看来,Chris这个人物写得非常令人信服,因此不能相信她是由一个男人创作出来的。练习:
   1. What is Sunset Song mainly about?
   A)The First World War.
   B)The beauty of the sunset.
   C)The new European world.
   D)The lives of rural Scottish farmers.
   2. Which statement is NOT true of Chris?
   A)She is the heroine of Sunset Song.
   B)She had a miserable childhood.
   C)She is the creation of a man.
   D)She married only once.
   3. What is the opening section of the novel mainly concerned with?
   A)The climate of Kinraddie.
   B)The history of Kinraddie.
   C)The geography of Kinraddie.
   D)The language论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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