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Excessive Demands on Young People(B级)

Being able to multitask is hailed by most people as a welcome skill, but not according to a recent study which claims that young people between the ages of eight and eighteen of the so-called Generation M1 are spending a considerable amount of their time in fruitless efforts as they multitask. It argues that, in fact, these young people are frittering away as much as half of their time again as they would if they performed the very same tasks one after the other.

Some young people are juggling an ever larger number of electronic devices as they study. At the same time that they are working, young adults are also surfing on the Internet, or sending out emails to their friends, and/or answering the telephone and listening to music on their iPods2 or on another computer. As some new device comes along it too is added to the list rather than replacing one of the existing devices.

Other research has indicated that this multitasking is even affecting the way families themselves function as young people are too wrapped up3 in their own isolated worlds to interact with the other people around them. They can no longer greet family members when they enter the house nor can they eat at the family table.

All this electronic wizardry is supposedly also seriously affecting young people's performance at university and in the workplace. When asked about their perception of the impact of modem gadgets on their performance of tasks, the overwhelming majority of young people gave a favourable response.

The response from the academic and business worlds was not quite as positive. The former feel that multitasking with electronic gadgets by children affects later development of study skills, resulting in a decline in the quality of writing, for example, because of the lack of concentration on task completion. They feel that many undergraduates now urgently need remedial help with study skills. Similarly, employers feel that young people entering the work force need to be taught all over again, as they have become deskilled.

While all this may be true, it must be borne in mind4 that more and more is expected of young people nowadays; in fact, too much. Praise rather than criticism is due in respect of5 the way today's youth are able to cope despite what the older generation throw at them.

1. According to a recent study, what is probably true about the multitasking Generation M? 根据最近的研究,对于“多媒体时代”的年轻人同时进行多种任务下列哪项是正确的?

A) They are highly commended for being so effective and efficient.他们的实用和高效受到高度的赞赏。

B) They waste more time than they should save. contrary to common assumptions. 和正常的完成任务的时间相比,他们实际上浪费的时间比节省的时间还要多。(正确答案)

C) They should prioritize and focus on the most important tasks on hand.他们应该区分事情的重要性,并且把精力集中在即将发生的最重要的事情上。

D) They need to improve their organizational skills so as to complete all their tasks.为了完成他们所有的任务,他们需要提高他们的组织能力。

2. With the advent of new gadgets, what will happen to Generation M's present e-devices? 随着新型产品的出现,对于多媒体时代的电子设备会产生的影响是_________。

A) They make way for the latest and greatest and are retired by the young people.他们为最新的和最好的年轻人让路并且为他们而退休。

B) They are put away temporarily but stay in rotation for their owners to choose from.他们暂时抛弃但是交替的他们会一直坚持他们自己所选择的。

C) They become part of the ever increasing collection of novelties. 它们成为了收集的新奇物品中的一部分。(正确答案)


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