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1.1 Research topic

China and the western countries to date have engaged in growing contacts so that thecultural and language interactions occur much more frequently, and it has becomeincreasingly commonplace to witness the phenomenon of using both Chinese andEnglish in communications. As a result, the Chinese language has been involved in adynamic process of contacting with English all the time. It is easy to find traces ofEnglish in more and more fashion magazines in China, which is a typical indicator oflinguistic integration. This language trend becomes contagious like a virus, andpeople are infected with the viral linguistic alternation between Chinese and English.In academic sense, this linguistic phenomenon is usually labeled as CS. By definition,CS refers to the concurrent employment of two or more linguistic varieties in aconversation, and more specifically the linguistic varieties can be any two or moredifferent languages, even dialects. CS is a natural product of language contact, which alludes to a certain possibility that it develops into a hybrid language form universallyaccepted.

In the present study, the range of switched languages will be narrowed down tothe switching between Chinese and English, that is, Chinese-English code-switching(hereafter referred to as C-E CS). In recent years, C-E CS appears frequently in manymedia outlets in China, for example, TV advertisements, newspaper headlines,netspeak vocabularies, and more dominantly, youngsters’ conversations. There is anabundance of related surveys of CS, and it seems that the number of studies in oral CSis rather more than that in written CS (Zhao Yinong, 2012:316), since oral data comefirst in the research on social linguistic phenomenon. However, this study will notexplore the CS in oral forms, but will mainly discuss the written C-E CS in twochosen Chinese fashion magazines: the Chinese version of two international woman’sfashion magazines Vogue and Elle. In Chinese magazines, new concepts andbuzzwords are constantly updating, which are usually presented in the form ofEnglish. 


1.2 Rationale of the research

The choice of this research topic is determined in view of the followingconsiderations.

Firstly, CS has been a research hot spot since the twentieth century. On the basisof the academic index on CNKI, it is apparent that during the recent two decades a great number of research fruits have been achieved in the field of sociolinguistics,psycholinguistics, conversational analysis, and so on. C-E CS as the research subjectof this thesis is a significant linguistic performance that suggests people’scommunicative ability. It is fairly reasonable to give great credit to C-E CS in fashionmagazines because it has succeeded in establishing a writing habit in the fashionmagazine industry, and has achieved great success in the Chinese fashion market.However, few studies are found in foreign literature on the issue of CS betweenEnglish and Asian languages, not to mention Chinese. In China, there are severalnotable scholars (He Ziran, Yu Guodong, Zhao Yinong, Wang Jin, etc.) who 论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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