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爱尔兰论文:爱尔兰诗人威廉姆•巴特勒•叶芝之作《当你老了》之浅析An aesthetic analysis of Yeats’ poem when you are old

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关键词:Yeats’ poemmetertensionimage


An aesthetic analysis of Yeats’ poem when you are old


Abstract: As an Irish poet, William Butler Yeats ranks among the most celebrated writers of the twentieth century. Beginning as a late—Victorian poet and ending as one of influential contemporary modernists, he wrote plenty of poems, among which the most famous one is when you are old, which was written by Yeats to his love Maud Gonne. This paper attempts to illustrate the aesthetics of this poem from four aspects: the introduction of the poet and his writing background, the aesthetics of meters, the aesthetics of tension, the aesthetics of image. Hence, we can feel the aesthetics of this poem, Yeats’ unconditional and lasting love and sorrow to Maud Gonne. Just like American poet Auden put it, “the hard work of poetry turn the curse into vineyard.


Key words: Yeats’ poem, meter, tension, image


1.An introduction of the poet and writing background
Yeats, who was born in Dublin in 13.6.1865, is an Irish poet, dramatist, mystics. He devoted himself to poem writing in 1882. His writing in early times was more or less romantic, which was abundant in building a fantastic atmosphere. His writing style underwent dramatic change after his middle age under the influence of Pond, especially when he involved in the Irish nationality movement, which drew more near modernism. He won Nobel Prize in 1923 for the reason that his writings represent the soul of the whole nation.
In his 23 years old, he first met a beautiful actress Maud Gonne, who was22years old, a daughter of a British colonel. She was as beautiful as a fairy, more over, she abandoned the social activity in upper class, and instead, she took part in the Irish Independent movement. Later, she became one of the leaders. Yeats loved her at the first sight. Yeats loved her deeply, but thought of himself lacking of accomplishment and immature, while she is noble and elegant, therefore, he never confessed his love to her. 
Maud Gonne kept him at arm's length. Once, Yeats misunderstood her that he thought she gave him the hint of love, then, he proposed to her, but she refused him. She married Mayor McBride after she refused Yeats several times. Facts proved that it’s a failure, because there were twists and turns in the marriage. She refused Yeats even if her marriage was broken. Still, Yeats’ love for her lifelong undying, so his life was filled with distress, which was difficult to resolve.
The depression and difficulty of the love impelled Yeats write lots of lyrical poems. Maud Gonne constantly aroused Yeats’ creative inspiration from all perspective years of time. For instance, sometimes, it was love of passion, sometimes, it was desperate spite. The poem when you are old is fully demonstrated his affection to Maud Gonne. Beauty and sorrow is the poem. It sounds like the light of the dusk, or the music of the cello under the gentle moonlight. The poem gives the reader an insight to Yeasts’ inner feelings. And we could so clearly feel Yeasts’ unconditional love for Maud Gonne.


2.The aesthetics of meters
This poem contains three stanzas and the rhyme is in neat formation. The patterns of rhythm are:"abba.cddc.effe."It seems like Petrarchan sonnet and his lyrics. Yeats imitated this long—spreading form to express his unconditional love. In fact, this rhyme way is a kind of variant of heroic couplet. Although it is rare, it is very论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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