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关键词:Quasiturbine enginePowertrain Technology绿色节能

摘要:奎西发动机有很大可能彻底改变汽车工业,减少我们对外国石油的依赖。 设计是一个环保概念,有助于改善全球变暖的问题。在关于燃料动力方面,我们还需要做许多努力。


Fuel Efficient Powertrain Technology Analysis 

当工程师们面临应对燃油效率的挑战的时候,会想到许多科目。 替代燃料,传动系统的配置、重量、成本、时间、和可靠性只是有关燃油效率的几个因素。有多种方法来解决燃油效率,我们可以在汽车的引擎上做文章。 今天的大多数汽车都采用内燃机的往复活塞形式,它利用活塞在直线运动中转动曲轴。其他形式的内燃机包括旋转发动机,喷气发动机和火箭,但将化学能转化为机械能的整体效率较低。这是由于一个巨大的的能量,转化为热量和摩擦而不是机械能创造的。 如果这些负面因素不能消除但可以大大减少呢? 今天的重点是提高电厂领域,这将推动未来的车的发展。 作为实现石油消费的一个短期解决方案,这是一个很好的方法,但我们可能需要一个新的实现燃油效率的完美解决方案。 我选择了把重点放在以下的发电厂;Quasiturbine,HCCI,清洁柴油,和阿特金森,可能永远改变汽车工业的关键技术。 然而,只有一个技术可能会赢。

人类120多年来一直在提高内燃机,但总体设计变化不大。 任何内燃机背后的基本原理很简单:如果你把一个小数量的空气和高能燃料(如汽油)在一个小,并且封闭的空间点燃,气体会迅速膨胀,释放出大量的能量。 一个引擎的最终目标是扩大天然气转换成旋转运动(旋转)的能量。 在汽车发动的情况下,具体的目标是快速旋转驱动轴。

When engineers face the challenge of combating fuel efficiency, many subjects come to mind. Alternative fuels, drive-train configuration, weight, cost, time, and reliability are just a few factors concerning fuel efficiency. There are various ways to tackle fuel efficiency, one being the engine of the car. Most automobiles today are powered by the reciprocal piston form of the internal combustion engine, which utilizes pistons that travel in a linear motion to turn a crankshaft. Other forms of internal combustion engines include the rotary engine, jet engine, and rockets, all of which have a low overall efficiency in converting chemical energy into mechanical energy. This is caused by a tremendous amount of energy, which is converted to heat and friction rather than mechanical energy. What if these negative factors could be greatly reduced if not eliminated? Today's area of focus is improving the power plant, which will propel the vehicle of tomorrow. This is a good approach at achieving a short-term solution for petroleum consumption, but a fresh start may be required to achieve the perfect solution to fuel efficiency. I have chosen to focus on the following power plants; Quasiturbine, HCCI, clean diesel, and Atkinson, which may prove to be the key technologies that will revolutionize the automotive industry forever. However, only one technology may win.

Mankind has been improving the internal combustion engine for over 120 years, yet not much has changed in the overall design. 'The basic principle behind any internal combustion engine is simple: If you put a tiny amount of air and high-energy fuel (like gasoline) in a small, enclosed space and ignite it, the gas expands rapidly, releasing an incredible amount of energy. The ultimate goal of an engine is to convert the energy of this expanding gas into a rotary (spinning) motion. In the case of car engines, the specific goal is to rotate a driveshaft rapidly.
The driveshaft is connected to various components that pass the rotating motion onto the car's wheels.' (Harris) Today's cars are propelled by the conventional piston engine, which rely on a series of pistons, usually in a V-four, six or eight configuration, that move up and down to transmit energy to a crankshaft. Some newer conventional engine technologies include Atkinson and HCCI. There have been many improvements made to the design such as better porting, increased valve duration, electronic fuel injection, and harmonic balancing, but the sinusoidal crankshaft motion remains. Sinusoidal motion relates to the pulsating energy within an engine. With the piston configuration, most energy is transferred to the stop and go motion of the piston. Unfortunately, it is impossible to create a constant power cy论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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