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澳洲assignment:文学评论和反思叙事Literature review and reflective narrative

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关键词:文学评论反思叙事Literature reviewreflective narrative


这是我2013年6月在墨尔本大学的第一次澳大利亚之行。我的专业是全球媒体。在学习这门课的过程中,我发现我对我期望的课程不那么感兴趣,我无法将我所学到的与未来、未来的职业联系起来。因此,在第一学期结束前,我申请了退学。因为我真的很喜欢孩子,我希望将来我会从事幼儿教育相关的职业,所以退学后,经过慎重考虑,我决定选择莫纳什大学的教育硕士作为我的专业。然而,我并不熟悉澳大利亚教育体制和儿童早期教育的资格,当我在Monash学习了一段时间,我发现这门课程是纯粹的理论,毕业后,我不可能成为一个幼儿教师(硕士教学的学生才能),所以非常令人沮丧,我再次申请撤诉。然后我来到了迪肯大学。It was my first trip to Australia in June 2013 when I was a student of University of Melbourne. My major was global media. During the process of studying in this course, I found that I was not so interested in the course I expected, and I could not link what I learned with my future, or my career in future. Thus before the end of the first semester, I applied for a withdrawal. Because I really like children, I hope that in future, I will be engaged in early childhood Education-related occupation, so after dropping out, after thinking over carefully, I decided to choose Master of Education of Monash University as my major. However, as I was not familiar with the Australian education system and early childhood education qualifications, when I studied in Monash for a period of time, I found that the course was purely theocratical, and after graduation, I could not become a preschool teacher (only students of Master of teaching can), so very frustratingly, I once again applied for withdrawal. Then I came to Deakin University.

In this trimester, my past understanding of early childhood education has been radically changed. Firstly, about the purpose of early childhood education, in China, there is more and more emphasis on early childhood education, in order to allow the children to be able to study in a kindergarten, queuing overnight has been very common.
If it is a 'bilingual' or 'international' kindergarten, in addition to anxiety with kindergarten enrollment, the tuition costs are high, the highest tuition fee a year can be more than 20,000 Australian dollars. In the minds of many parents, a good kindergarten, a good elementary school, a junior high school, a good high school, and even a good university help their kids to acquire a good job in future, so as to live a better life . Over the past although I am not quite agree with this point of view the aims of education, but I have to accept this reality (Noddings, 2003).

Secondly, considering from early childhood strategies, in the past, what I thought for early childhood education is too simple, and I thought that preschool education is teaching children some simple knowledge, playing together with children, singing, etc. However, lots of readings and assignments in this trimester make me feel that what I think is too naive. For example: in a Australia's classroom, ‘critical’ is a word very often mentioned. Critical thinking is a way of thinking that every student should have, this is a big challenge for me. When I studied in China, most of the time, when we needed to do was following and memorizing. Just as what is shown in the following figure, we acquire knowledge by being instilled, rather than absorbed after thinking by ourselves.


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