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我们知道税收和政府支出是一个宏观经济工具,有助于控制一个国家的经济活动。这一政策被称为财政政策。美国目前的时间,鉴于当前经济衰退的严重程度,奥巴马政府的财政议程最为可观的是经济学家们的分析。世界各国打击与积极的财政措施2007_2009经济衰退和金融危机,都刺激需求,减税和增加政府支出的资本,通过各种各样的金融` `救援”计划。

As we know tax and government spending is a macroeconomic tool to help to control the economic activity of a country. This policy is well known as fiscal policy. United States at the present time, given the severity of current recession, the fiscal agenda of the Obama Administration is most considerable to be analyse by economists. Countries around the world combated the recession and financial crisis of 2007_2009 with aggressive fiscal actions, both to stimulate demand with lower taxes and higher government spending to recapitalize banks through a variety of financial ``rescue'' plans (Eric M. Leeper, Michael Plante, Nora Traum,2010).

Therefore, we choose U.S.A as a country that facing recession (figure 1 shows the unemployment rate of US) and most importantly the economic impact of tax and expenditure policies adopted by Obama Administration to recover recession. The following chart compares unemployment rates in the 15 largest metro areas and the US overall; most of the largest metros (including Chicago) experienced decreases (or no change) in unemployment rates before seasonal adjustment from January to February 2010.

Figure 1: Unemployment rate in US metro areas. Source: 
The 2009 fiscal stimulus package consisted of both tax cuts and spending increases by government policy (Alan J.Auerbach 2009). The estimated cost of tax cuts (calculated as a simple sum over 11 years) was 76 billion US dollars, while the estimated cost of expenditure increases (computed in the same manner) was 456 billion US dollars. The primary tax-cut provisions, as mentioned above, were a temporary tax rebate to households and a temporary extension of accelerated depreciation deductions for business investment. The spending provisions covered a range of activities including aid to the states, health and unemployment benefits, and infrastructure spending.

1a) World Economic Outlook
The global economy is beginning to pull out of a recession unprecedented in the post-World War II era, but stabilization is uneven and the recovery is expected to be sluggish. Economic growth during 2009-10 is now projected to be about percentage points higher than projected in the April 2009 World Economic Outlook (WEO), reaching 2.5 percent in 2010.Financial conditions have improved more than expected, owing mainly to public intervention, and recent data suggest that the rate of decline in economic activity is moderating, although to varying degrees among regions. The world economy is stabilizing, helped by unprecedented macroeconomic and financial policy support as shown in below table.

However, the recession is not over and the recovery is likely to be sluggish. Following a disappointing first quarter, during which the global economy contracted almost as fast as during the fourth quarter of 2008, (Figure 1.1), high-frequency data point to a return to modest growth at the global level. However, the advanced economies as a group are still projected not to show a sustained pickup in activity until the second half of 2010, consistent with the April 2009 WEO forecast.

A solution to recover recession:
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