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非洲的自然增长率居世界第一。人口分布极不平衡,尼罗河沿岸及三角洲地区,每平方千米约1 000人。撒哈拉、纳米布、卡拉哈迪等沙漠和一些干旱草原、半沙漠地带每平方千米不到1人。还有大片的无人区。

非洲拥有丰富的矿产、水力、农业和林业资源。世界上最重要的50种矿产非洲都不缺少,其中至少有17种矿产的蕴藏量在世界位居第一。据新近国际矿业统计资料,非洲的铂、锰、铬、钌、铱等矿藏蕴藏量占世界总储量的百分之八十以上,磷酸盐、钯、黄金、钻石、锗、钴和钒等矿藏占一半以上,铀、钽、铯、铝矾土、氟石、锆、石墨和铪等矿藏也占百分之三十以上。被称为'不毛之地'的撒哈拉沙漠是个巨大的能源宝库,地下蕴藏着大量可供开采的石油,其周围的利比亚、阿尔及利亚、突尼斯和尼日利亚等都是重要的石油出口国,利比亚的日平均采油量高达150万桶。南非是世界上最大的黄金生产国和出口国,迄今已生产4万多吨黄金,占人类历史上黄金总产量的五分之二。赞比亚铜的蕴藏量达9亿多吨,约占世界蕴藏量的百分之十五, 年平均产铜约36万吨,素有'铜矿之国'的美称。

Africa is a continent of natural resources both living and non living. These resources affect how African countries deal with other countries and how it works internally. One example of this is diamonds. Sierra Leone is a country in Africa that has gone through various political regimes and has gone through great conflict. Various war factions want to have control over the diamond mines and they force workers to perform this backbreaking work. These diamonds that these factions control are called conflict diamonds because of the atrocities these groups inflict to control diamonds and make money. 

In Africa there are many things to do. The most interesting would be to go to the Pyramids of Egypt and see the creations of this magnificent group of people. While visiting the pyramids going to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo would greatly improve your understanding of the ancient Egyptians. Another place to visit would be a national park where you could see the animals that are indigenous to this continent. 

Middle East

The Middle East is the birthplace of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. But it is also the birthplace of conflict between countries in that region and the West. The major reason for dispute is over the regions most valuable resource: oil. In this region wars were started because of oil. Iraq invaded Kuwait for control of there oil fields and this triggered U.S involvement. It isn’t just oil that has shaped this region. Spices have made a huge contribution to this region. Arab merchants spread their goods throughout the world along with their culture. Other cultures then seeped into the Middle East from other trading nations. This region’s resources shaped its culture.

The Middle East is the birthplace of the major religions and the city to visit would be Jerusalem. In Jerusalem you can visit The Wall, which is one of the most significant places for the Jews. You could also travel to Mecca to visit the Holy Mosque, which is the most famous for the Muslims. It is so important that they are required to make a pilgrimage to here at least on time in there life.

India is rich in spices due to its climate and its relationship with other spice producing regions. Spices like black pepper have been grown here for thousands of years and with trading with South America Chile peppers were introduced into their diet. As a result of this the most famous Indian food is curry. Curry has penetrated into their mainstream and this means it is part of there culture. Since food is a part of every person’s life it is then part of a culture because it is a part of a group identity.

If you planning to go to India an interesting place to go to would be a place called Bollywood. This is a place where most Indian films are made and is a major player in the world film market.


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