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加拿大英语毕业论文_英语变体研究 [3]

论文作者:www.51lunwen.org论文属性:硕士毕业论文 thesis登出时间:2013-07-29编辑:lgg点击率:7127

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ates, Pennsylvania, New Jersey,upstate New York, and New England. The loyalists were New World dwellers who areinferior to British subjects in what was to become Canada. With its peaking in the mid1780s, this wave settled the province of Upper Canada, now Ontario, and theirlanguage features are surely responsible for the general formation of CanadianEnglish today, including its more ‘American’ than British twagn. That is also thenotion of the called ‘founder principle’.

Chapter Three Research Design........ 35-39
    3.1 Research Question........ 35
    3.2 Subjects ........35-36
    3.3 Instruments........ 36-37
        3.3.1 CET-4 ........36
        3.3.2 Questionnaire........ 36
        3.3.3 Semi-structured Interview........ 36-37
    3.4 Procedures ........37-39
        3.4.1 Pilot Study ........37
        3.4.2 Data Collection and Data Analysis ........37-39
Chapter Four Results and Discussion ........39-52
    4.1 Results and Discussion of CET-4 and Questionnaire........39-47
    4.2 Results and Discussion of Semi-structured Interview........ 47-52
Chapter Five Pedagogical Implications and Suggestions........ 52-61
    5.1 Improving Learning Environment for Motivation........ 52-56
        5.1.1 Providing Best and Sufficient Teaching Resourses........ 52-53
        5.1.2 Standardizing the ESMS' Teaching Management ........53-54
        5.1.3 Creating Predictable Environment........ 54
        5.1.4 Increasing Learners' Interest and Involvement in the Task ........54-55
        5.1.5 Using Cooperative Learning Techniques ........55-56
5.2 Enhancing Teachers' Role in Promoting Motivation........ 56-61


Drawing on the theories of language and culture, and language variety, this thesisintends to demonstrate that Canadian English has been developed into an Englishvariety and a multicultural language with its distinctive culture tastes. The formationof Canadian English is neither accomplished overnight, nor far-fetched. Faithful to thelaw of language process, Canadian English has always on its unique way colored bythe development of Canada’s culture.Whether Canadian English can be defined as a variety of English has alwaysbeen controversial among many linguists, and even among the public there existsdifferent voices. Some hold the view that Canadian English should be considered as aregional dialect of American English for Canada’s proximity to the US as well as itsclose ties in business and America’s invasion of TV, media, radio and magazines.Indeed those persons have nearly ignored the differences of two varieties, and now aseries of study on Canadian English has been conducted to supply many authoritativeand systematic materials, thereof I have cited in my thesis writing.
This thesis aims to exemplify its standpoint with five chapters, focusing ondemonstrating论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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