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论文作者:英语论文论文属性:硕士毕业论文 thesis登出时间:2014-07-29编辑:yangcheng点击率:27306

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关键词:索尔 贝娄小说女性人物人物分析Saul Bellow

摘要:在当代美国文坛上,美国犹太作家、1976 年诺贝尔文学奖获得者索尔·贝娄被认为是继福克纳和海明威之后最主要的小说家。这篇论文主要分析索尔.贝娄小说中的女性人物。通过详尽的文本分析,本论文指出其小说中经常出现的三种主要女性人物类型,即:贤妻良母型、破坏型和独立型,分别列举并描述了各类型女性的代表性人物及其对男主人公的影本文,认为作家贝娄在对几位女性的描述刻画中,也把自己的女性观暴露无疑地展现出来.关键词:索尔·贝娄;三种女性人物形象;女性观本论文分为四个章节。第一章是文献综述,侧重强调索尔·贝娄在女性人物塑造方面的各家评论。第二章简要叙述了索尔·贝娄的生平和文学成就。第三章将索尔·贝娄十四部长篇小说中的女性形象分为三种类型,列举各种类型的代表人物,详细分析了她们的模式化形象及其对男主人公的影响。最后探讨了索尔·贝娄在刻画女性人物方面的局限及其原因。第四章基于第三章的分析和论证,提出几点结论

在当代美国文坛上,美国犹太作家、1976 年诺贝尔文学奖获得者索尔·贝娄被认为是继福克纳和海明威之后最主要的小说家。这篇论文主要分析索尔.贝娄小说中的女性人物。通过详尽的文本分析,本论文指出其小说中经常出现的三种主要女性人物类型,即:贤妻良母型、破坏型和独立型,分别列举并描述了各类型女性的代表性人物及其对男主人公的影本文,认为作家贝娄在对几位女性的描述刻画中,也把自己的女性观暴露无疑地展现出来.关键词:索尔·贝娄;三种女性人物形象;女性观本论文分为四个章节。第一章是文献综述,侧重强调索尔·贝娄在女性人物塑造方面的各家评论。第二章简要叙述了索尔·贝娄的生平和文学成就。第三章将索尔·贝娄十四部长篇小说中的女性形象分为三种类型,列举各种类型的代表人物,详细分析了她们的模式化形象及其对男主人公的影响。最后探讨了索尔·贝娄在刻画女性人物方面的局限及其原因。第四章基于第三章的分析和论证,提出几点结论.

Abstract: In the contemporary literary world, the famous American Jewish writer, the 1976 Nobel Prize winner, Saul Bellow is considered as the most important novelist after Faulkner and Hemingway. This thesis is a study of the female images in Saul Bellow’s novel. Through detailed analyses of the texts, this thesis reveals three predominant female images which frequently recur in his works: the maternal woman, the destructive woman and the independent woman, and illustrates their influence on the heroes. The thesis argues that the writer Bellow, in delineating the women characters, betrays his own view on women thoroughly. Key Words: Saul Bellow; three female images; view on women.

As the winner of three National Book Awards, two Pulitzer Prizes and the Nobel Prize in Literature, Saul Bellow (1915-2005) is a very important Jewish American writer and is known “for the human understanding and subtle analysis of the contemporary culture” and “for distinguished contribution to American literature”. Philip Roth (2007), a contemporary well-known American writer, after Bellow’s death said in an article Author Saul Bellow Dies that “the backbone of 20th-century American literature has been provided by two novelists—William Faulkner and Saul Bellow …Together they are the Melville, Hawthorne, and Twain of the 20th-century.”(p.15) [15] Hollahan, Eugene. Saul Bellow and the Struggle at the Center.New York: AMS Press, 1996.Saul Bellow, the fourth son of a Russian Jewish immigrant family, was born Solomon Bellow inLachine,Quebec, outsideMontrealin 1915. In 1918, the family moved toMontrealand there Bellow’s mother sent him into a Hebrew-class, hoping her brilliant son would become a rabbi or a Talmudist. So by the age of four, Bellow had memorized large passages from the Old Testament. Bellow went toNew Yorkwith one of his friends when he was eighteen. They tried to sell their first novel there but failed. Having studied at theUniversityofChicago, he went toNorthwesternUniversityand graduated with the honors in sociology and anthropology. After that, he had a graduate study at theUniversityofWisconsinbriefly. In 1963, Bellow received a permanent position with the Committee on Social Thought at theUniversityofChicago. Through his lifetime, Bellow married five wives. His sour experience and its aftermath, especially of lawyers and painful conflict over alimony, have provided rich comic material for some of his later novels, most notably for Herzog. However, Bellow is hard to understand, not only because his works involve many disciplines, such as sociology, anthropology, philosophy etc, but also because he immersed himself or part of 论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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