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Chapter One Male Desire in the Speculation in MarketInvestment

1.1 Chase for Profit by Taking Risks

Tracing back the history of American masculinity, it is found that self-made menhave been playing a prominent role. Self-made men describe those men who rise from rags to wealth and fame through personal efforts. Even if the definitions of self-mademen change over time, there were some traditional thoughts giving guidance to thesecrets of success. One of the most significant embodiment was Protestant ethic,which was prevalent at the turn of the nineteenth century. This religious traditionlooks on professions as callings. Except for this, it lays stress on the virtues such asindustry, frugality, and temperance. Thereby puritans work diligently to search formaterial gains as many as they can, which promotes them to pioneer the westernfrontier. It is conductive to the formation of adventurous and aggressive spirits. Formen, the West not only can assist them in retreating from domestic life but also offeran alternative geographical location to exercise their masculinity where men havemore scopes for economic success. Synchronously, a thrifty lifestyle is advocated bythem to impose restrictions on consumption. This notion is applicable to theagricultural society where professions such as farmers and artisans were entitled toeconomic autonomy, which guarantees the relevance between the self-employedlaborer and the product. Comparatively speaking, traditional qualities stand on therealm of agricultural society, while the newly-developed ideals bottom on a firm basisin the context of industrial society.


1.2 Passion for Fame and Reputation

Actually, the prototype of character Jadwin is Joseph Leiter, whose father is alsoa self-made businessman. Before the summer of 1897, Leiter was familiar with thetrading pit. Since that time, he has been treating deals. Among them, buying wheatlong occupies the larger part. From 1897 to 1898, Leiter was capable of givinginstructions on the price of the wheat as he manages to corner the market. Thus, heachieved high-profile celebrity among newspaper audiences as Jadwin did. Havingobtained large amounts of money by buying wheat long, it was conceited of JosephLeiter to show disregard of the law of supply and demand. Given that there wasprospective wheat in the market, he continued to purchase wheat to carry on hismonopoly. Seeing the disadvantaged situation, finally, his father ceased to give him aboost, and he is obliged to sell the wheat.

Since material wealth is believed to form the basis for male identity, it is worthnoting that “this economic fortune would have to be translated into permanent socialstanding” (Kimmel, “Manhood in America” 13). This is well explained in Jadwin’scase. Throughout the novel, fame and reputation are needed for Jadwin to acquiresocial influence as an investor. Norris posits Jadwin as an ambitious man who chasesfor social admiration to which he receives a breakdown in his fame and reputation. Inhis speculative career, Jadwin develops from a member in the Chicago Board of Tradeto a master of the wheat futures market. Each step is embedded with his male desirefor higher fame and reputation. Unfortunately,论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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