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管理会计研究:What are the explanations in accounting literature for female under-representation in the accountancy profession?

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What are the explanations in Accounting literature for female under-representation in the accountancy profession? Are these explanations adequate?

留学生毕业论文代写https://www.51lunwen.org/geguolw.htmlRACHAEL HALSTEAD
BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance
Final Year
Submission Date: Tuesday 1st June 2004
Supervisor: Paul Grant
I declare that this report is my own original work and that no part of it hasbeen submitted to any other institute of learning in support of an applicationfor another award. The opinions expressed in the report are put forward in apersonal capacity and do not represent those of the University of BrightonBusiness School or any organisation with which the author may be
Signature…………………………... Date…………………
Rachael Halstead
DB361 - dissertation
• Page 3: Preface
• Page 3 - 4: Introduction
􀂃 Synopsis of Women’s Representation in Accountancy
• Page 5: Aims & Objectives
• Page 6 – 10: methodology
􀂃 Page 6: Introduction
􀂃 Page 6 – 9: Accountancy Based Literature
􀂃 Page 9 – 10: General Theory: A Research Paradigm
• Page 11 – 16: Literature Review: Accountancy-based Research
􀂃 Page 11 – 14: The hierarchical structure of the profession
􀂃 Page 14 – 16: Female traits, characteristics and stereotypes
􀂃 Page 16: Women do not aspire to the same career fulfilment as men
• Page 17 – 33: Theory & Analysis
􀂃 Page 17: Criteria for Comparison
􀂃 Page 17 – 19: Women in the Professions: A Contextual Background
􀂃 Page 19: It’s a Man’s World
􀂃 Page 19 - 21: The gendered nature of business hierarchies
􀂃 Page 21 – 22: The Glass Ceiling
􀂃 Page 22 – 23: The Internal Glass Ceiling
􀂃 Page 23 – 24: Job Segregation
􀂃 Page 24 – 25: The ‘Old Boys’ Network
􀂃 Page 25 – 27: Gender Differences
􀂃 Page 27 – 29: Gendered Definitions:
• Power
• Work
􀂃 Page 30 - 32: Introduction to Feminism
􀂃 Page 33: Gender Equality in an Unequal World
• Page 34 – 36: Conclusion & Summary
• Page 37: Glossary of Terms
• Page 38 – 42: Bibliography
Table of Contents
Rachael Halstead
DB361 - Dissertation
Recent studies have shown that more women are entering accounting than ever before.At entry level the statistics show that the ratios between men and women entering theprofession are equal, but further up the hierarchy the numbers of women begins todwindle. A plethora of research exists into female representation across the accountingprofession. Despite the abundance of accountancy-based literature the findings are
somewhat equivocal in their explanations. Singh & Vinnicombe (2002) suggest that“Explanations are important, as they form the basis on which diagnostics are made andinterventions designed to redress the situation”. Thus, if effective steps are to be taken toimprove the situation, the problems and their reasons must be defined and the heart of the
matter understood. If the definition is incorrect the solution will also be incorrect. The
development of culture and society has created norms that are beginning to be challenged
and perceived as injustice in society.
Synopsis of Women’s Representation in Accountancy
Women first entered the accountancy profession in the early 1900’s. Until the 1970’s
numbers were sma论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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