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Examining Urban Service Sectors In Nasik City 

旅游业作为一个产品可以被定义为“三个主要组件的结合体)吸引力的目的地b)目的地的设施和c)的可访问性”。“当人们离开他们的居住地以外的其他地方休闲、快乐,教育、医疗、体育、冒险,展会,拜访朋友和亲戚,商业、宗教等,保持他们超过24小时,因而作为旅游业被知晓。”Bhatnagar (2002)


为了发现持续的结果,以旅游政策能够控制在城市历史文化Nasik威胁。Nasik给予关注,主要战略目标以及计划被认为将它们应用在整个调节。它发现了战术目标是如何复制;集中精力在外部规模以及当地的影响力。他们推荐旅游组织问题很少在最后确定,另外的问题,适当的旅游管理是目前可获得的历史名城(Nasik city).(3)(Maitland,2005)

Tourism as a product can be defined as a ''an amalgam of three main components a) Attraction of the destination b) the facilities of destination and c) the accessibility of it''. ''When people leave to some other place other than their place of residence for leisure, pleasure, Education, medical treatment, sports, Adventure, fairs, visiting friends and relatives, business, religion etc. and stay their more than 24 hour is known as tourism.'' . Bhatnagar (2002)

Tourism has turned into, as the middle-1980s, more and more important feature of the economy of a different urban region like Nasik city (State-Maharashtra, country-India). Tourist growth is the important scheme for urban renewal. Then we are going to study which problems has to faced for cultural Nasik city, importance of urban tourism, attraction and information of Nasik city, (Hall,2009)

To discover the continuing consequence so as to tourism policy able to control threats in historical and cultural Nasik city. Nasik giving attention mostly on strategic objectives along with the scheme considered to apply them throughout the regulating the city. It discovered how tactical goals are copied; concentrate on the scale among outside as well as local influence. They recommended to tourism organization problem are infrequently at the last determined, furthermore issue that proper 'tourism management is presently reachable in a historic city (Nasik city).(3)(Maitland,2005)

It is identified that a barrier subsists among heritage defence with tourism growth, a barrier marked in growing urban cities. Three main resources of risk so as to can settlement the safety of the tradition and culture sites were recognized, that is: population stress, improvement strategy of local economy, plus a short of economic support in favour of heritage sites.(4)(Li,Wu,Cai,2007)

As men are curious animal, he loves discovering new places of the world. The discovering of new concept and new places is today the world most booming industry in the world. Tourism means the ''business or providing information, transportation, accommodation, food and other services related to travel. To travel to different cities, countries resulting in the growth of road, airways, railway transport with better food and accommodation. Tourism contributes in the development of understanding among the people provide different opportunities, creates foreign exchange, employment and raises the standard of living. To many countries, tourism is only the one form of sustaining the economy .The tourism industry nourishes the city's economy (earning), help to developing process, preserve the culture, heritage and assist in international understanding and peace. Now tourism industry is the second industry in the world after gems (stones) and论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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