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SMEs as an important component of the national economy , is the public ownership is dominant and diverse forms of ownership and common development of non-public economic form . SMEs in the promotion of urban industrialization and urbanization development process and increase jobs in the community , to promote rapid economic development plays a very important role. However, due to the special background generated SMEs , China's employment mechanism immature, and small and medium enterprises to use their own talents inefficiencies exist , staff problems have constrained the prosperity and development of SMEs , which restricts the formation of the competitiveness of SMEs . 

本文以中小企业为研究对象,探讨中小企业现状以及原因,分析出中小企业优秀员工的流失原因,一是由于中小企业管理混乱、管理制度不完善、工作氛围欠佳,使优秀员工对企业没有认同感,对企业发展没有长期的计划, 不愿意长留在企业,二是绩效激励机制欠缺,缺乏制度的企业处罚是随机的;制度健全的企业,其制度条款往往处罚多于奖励。当然,适当的处罚有利于保证质量和效率,但处罚过多则适得其反等等。由于这些各种原因本文对中小企业如何留住优秀员工问题的研究,希望通过对用人制度、企业员工激励策略提高优秀员工对中小企业的忠诚度,是中小企业在发展中有着良性的循环,最终推动经济发展。

This study aimed at SMEs to explore the current situation and the reasons for SMEs to analyze the reasons for the loss of talented employees of SMEs , first, because confusion SME management , management system is imperfect , poor working environment , so that companies do not agree on the excellent employees sense , no long-term development of enterprises plan , unwilling to stay in business long , the second is the lack of performance incentives , lack of institutional corporate punishment is random ; sound system of the enterprise, its terms are often punished more than the reward system . Of course, appropriate penalties will help ensure the quality and efficiency, but the punishment is excessive counterproductive and so on. For these various reasons, this paper questions how SMEs retain good employees , and hopes through the employment system , corporate employee incentive strategies to improve quality staff for SMEs loyalty is with the development of SMEs in the virtuous cycle , the final promote economic development.

Short-term business objectives of SMEs tendency apparent lack of long-term strategic goals. SMEs as guerrillas in the market to capture a market opportunity , quick profits after transfer target, short-term nature of this business makes good employees can not see the future of business , and thus the lack of small environmental insecurity , coupled with small low social status of the enterprise itself , so that it will be able to frequent movement of talented employees . SMEs in the short-term business objectives determine its short-term operating behavior . SMEs want to use when employing people to work immediately , rather than spending time and money on staff training, so they have to other company persists in the form , competing throw bait to a job than a higher one than a salary thick, so that SMEs employees have joined the flow of force. SMEs in order to keep a stable workforce good containment and avoid the loss of staff brought a series of

Loss becomes more difficult but also more necessary . From the perspective of SMEs on the one hand the free movement of workers will bring huge losses for SMEs , it also allows businesses to get their much-needed talent in the current high rate of brain drain论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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