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Chapter One Language Schema: Inability to Communicate Between Family Members

1. Husband and Wife

The reader's typical schema of the relationship between husband and wife is harmonious. Harmony plays an important role in a family. However, through the delicate use of language of the author, the exact relationship between Anse and Addie is obvious from their monologues which take limited space in the novel indicating their marital situation, and the eyes of town folks. In the whole novel, there are only three chapters on Anse and one chapter on the central character Addie. In chapter 9 the first chapter of Anse, he takes on his monologue in the form of complaint. 


―A-laying there, right up to my door, where every bad luck that comes and goes is bond to find it. I told Addie it wasn‘t any luck living on a road when it come by here, and she said, for the word like a woman, ‗Get up and move, then‘. But I told her it wasn‘t no luck in it…‖ (Faulkner, 2004: 29) 

Through the above passage, readers by their language schema could perceive Anse‘s discontent about their house near the road incurring misfortune. This chapter Faulkner used a lot of space to express Anse's complaints. He left the impression of complaining to readers. He told his concerns to Addie, probably to find resonance from her. However, Addie replies him ―Get up and move, then‖. 

2. Parents and Children

Usually, in the reader‘s schemata, parents care and love their children. When reading novels about family, the reader prefers to read with such a schema. In the Bundren family, Anse and Addie have five kids, namely Cash, Darl, Jewel, Dewey Dell and Vardaman. It is a big family. However, by means of language schemata, readers can find the problems between parents and children from the language used. 

From the relationship between Anse and Addie, readers know that Addie cannot fulfill her life through a man-woman relationship. Till, her loneliness had never been violated even if she gave birth to Cash. In Addie‘s reflection, she thinks that ―Cash did not need to say it to me nor I to him, and I would say, Let Anse use it, If he wants to.‖ (Faulkner, 2004: 156) 

According to the content, here ―it‖ means love. Even though Cash was a little boy, in Addie‘s perspective there is no need to say love to each other albeit Cash needs her care very much. The mother schema of the reader is refreshing. The discordant relationship between husband and wife affected her attitude towards her children. She does not love her children that much. Cash‘s birth came after, in Addie‘s words—―words are no good‖. Readers can also deduce the reasons for the formation of the children‘s character of the Bundren family. 

Cash is the eldest child of Anse and Addie. In the first chapter, he appears as a carpenter. Many times in this novel, his description is represented by the sound of sawing wood. ―A good carpenter, Cash is...A good carpenter...I go on to the house, followed by the Chuck Chuck Chuck of the adze.‖ (Faulkner, 2004: 2) This is Darl‘s description of Cash making a coffin for his dying mother. Readers easily notice the onomatopoeia words ―Chuck Chuck论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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