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1 All the people assembled at Mary's house.
A) collected
C) asserted
2 On Thanksgiving in the United States, families gather and give thanks for the blessing(祝福) of the past year.
A pick up
B come together
C compete
D correspond
3.The Klondike was the scene of one of the biggest gold rushes the world has ever known.
A) location
B) view
C) event
D) landscape
4. Of the reptile groups, the snake group was the final one to appear.
A) last
B) best
C) ugliest
D) longest
5.Universities usually give diplomas or certificates to students who complete course requirements adequately.
A) responsibly
B) sufficiently
C) patiently
D) successfully
6.A will is a document written to ensure that the wishes of the deceased (adj.已故的)are realized.
A) fulfilled
B) accepted
C) adopted
D) received
7. She has been the subject of massive media coverage.
A) extensive
B) negative
C) expensive
D) active
8.The conference explored the possibility of closer trade links.
A) rejected
B) investigated
C) proposed
D) postponed
9. What were the effects of the decision she made?
A) reasons
B) results
C) causes
D) bases
10. The sea was calm and still.
A) quite
B) quiet
C) yet
D) rough
11. In a bullfight, it is the movement, not the color, of objects that arouses the bull.
A) confuses
B) excites
C) scares
D) satisfies
12. Mary called me up very late last night.
A) shouted at me
B) visited me
C) telephoned me
D) waked me
13. Mary gets up at the same time every morning.
A) rises
B) raises
C) arrives
D) awakes
14. The committee comprises five persons.
A) absorbs
B) concerns
A) excludes
D) involves
15. There's no fun in spending the whole evening playing cards.
A enjoyment
B strength
C temper
D excitement
Plants in Desert
Only special plants can survive the terrible climate of a desert, for these are regions when the annual range of the soil temperature can be over 75C. Furthermore, during the summer there are few clouds in the sky to protect plants from the sun’s ray. Another problem is the fact that there are frequently strong winds that drive small, sharp particles of sand into the plants, tearing and damaging them. The most difficult problem for all forms of plant life, however, is the fact that the entire annual rainfall occurs during a few days or weeks in spring.
• Grasses and flowers in desert survive from one year to the next by existing through the long, hot, dry season in the form of seeds. These seeds remain inactive unless the right amount of rain falls. If no rain falls, or if insufficient rain falls, they wait until the next year, or even still the next. Another factor that helps these plants to survive is the fact that their life cycles are short. By the time the water from the spring rains disappears -- just a few weeks after it falls -- such plants no longer need any.
The perennials(多年生植物) have special features that enable them to survive as plants for several years. Thus, nearly all des论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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