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2009年职称英语考试(理工类C级)模拟试题附答案解析(1) [8]

论文作者:佚名论文属性:短文 essay登出时间:2009-09-15编辑:lisa点击率:25985

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用: 它能自动寻求帮助(与B呼应)”, 因此C是答案。
  考点: 代词的指代内容(some, these (communication systems)), 现在分词结构(some using satellite tracking...), 动词短语(fight against, come into play)
  5. A. 解析: 问题问“下列哪个说法与文章中关于机器人驾驶员的说法一致?” 结合文章主题(安全驾车技术)排除C 和D(与文章主题偏离较远), 借助常识排除B(机器人驾车应该更精确, 所以更能处理如在繁忙路段驾车这样的复杂问题), 因此推测A可能是答案.
  解题思路2: 利用问题句中的细节信息结构(robotic drivers)作为答案线索, 在文章中找到答案相关句:
  Accidents cause many traffic jams, but there are more subtle interplays between vehicles that can cause jams even on a clear but busy road, such jams can be analyzed using statistical tools. Robotic (机器人的)drivers could be programmed(编程) to make traffic(交通, 车流) flow(流动, 泛滥) smoothly and will perhaps(可能) one day be everyone’s personal chauffeur(司机), but(但是) their latest(最新) efforts (成就, 努力)suggest(暗示, 建议) that won’t be soon(立刻, 不久).
  答案相关句说“可以对机器人驾驶员编程, 从而使车流顺畅, 将来可能有一天机器人将成为人们的专门司机, 但是最新的成就显示这不会很快实现”。该句内容与A一致。
  考点: 考察代词(that)的指代内容。
  提示:如果答案相关句中含有but, however等引导的转折结构, 则直接考点往往在该转折结构处。
  His own way to express love
  Yesterday was our three-year anniversary. We didn’t do anything romantic: we just walked hand in hand and talked about our past and future. This was pretty much what I had expected.
  Andy is unromantic guy: no sweet words or roses. Smart as he is, he is a little bit shy expressing his love. In contrast, I am an outspoken girl who likes to show her feelings directly. So needless to say, I often feel that is insensitive. I envy other girls who are surrounded by sweet words.
  I was in this sullen mood until I heard a beautiful sentence one day: “someone does not love you in the way you like, it does not mean that he does not love you.” This simple but sensible sentence made me think about our happy days and recall his deep concern for me.
  One cold winter night, I got a high fever. He hurried to my dorm and took me to the hospital. He was in such a hurry that he even forgot to wear socks. After arrival, he ran through the hospital handling all the formalities. When I was put on a drip, he told me interesting stories to make me happy. Being held in his warm arms and listening to his tender voice, I never felt so safe and comfortable. Gradually, I felt asleep. When I woke up 15 minutes later, he was still mumbling to me. He explained that if he had stopped talking I would have woke up. At that moment, I found love in his sparkling eyes.
  Another time, I had a bad quarrel with my best friend. Although I knew it was my fault, I refused to admit it. I was angry when he insisted I apologize to her. He said that it was difficult to admit a mistake, but this was what everyone should do. The next morning, I apologized to my friend and asked for her forgiveness.
  My unromantic boyfriend cares about my health like my father, understand me like my mother and helps me like my elder brother.(344 words)
  1. Who is Andy?
  A. the writer’s father
  B. the writer’s mother
  C. the writer’s elder brother
  D. the writer’s boyfriend
  2. When did the writer and Andy fall in love?
  A. three years ago
  B. yesterday
  C. on a cold winter night
  D. after a quarrel
  3. Which statement is true of the writer?
  A. she likes running after romantic guys
  B. she does not like sweet words
  C. she likes expressing her feelings directly
  D. she does not like roses
  4. The writer tells the reader two stories to show that
  A. Andy is a romantic guy
  B. Andy has his 论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。
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