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A study of Internationalisation process and motives for multinationals—research on multinational corporation in China-中国跨国公司国际化进程和动机的研究

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关键词:Internationalisation process国际化进程centrally planned system中央计划体制company structure

摘要:The parent company does centralized decision-making and implements strict control to overseas operations and regarded over the world as a single market. In this mode, the companies in order to seek low-cost usually selected a few several low-cost place to establish a global scale processing in order to achieve economies of scale. For example Sony’s globalization strategy and local management is this type. 母公司集中决策和实行严格的控制海外业务,并认为在世界各地作为一个单一的市场。在这种模式下,企业为了寻求低成本的一般选择少数几家低成本的地方建立一个全球范围的模式,从而实现规模效益。例如索尼的全球化战略和当地的管理是这种类型。

A study of Internationalisation process and motives for multinationals—research on multinational corporation in China


1.1 Introduction

Since the late 1970s China has moved from a closed, centrally planned system to a more market-oriented one that plays a major global role - in 2010 China became the world's largest exporter (china economy). The foreign companies prefer Chinese market prospect, and the foreign companies want to enter the Chinese market, however, when the foreign companies to enter an unfamiliar market, the company will face many new problem and how t enter the Chinese market. Multinational companies how to control the information between Chinese market and government, and to adjust the strategy to realize the profit of the company structure.
1.2 Background

In global market, WTO (World Trade Organisation) as an association has attracted a lot of members which provide a advantage environment to promote the internationalization process and motives for multinationals (Cantwell, 1998). The background of internationalisation process and motives for China corporations has two aspects. Since 1990s, multinational corporations started to extend their market to China. Due to global economics development, every country can not develop simply by their own power. It has to open their market and become multinationals. Although the Chinese government after accession to the WTO on the regulation of the industry has continually relaxed, however, the restrictions in many industries is still evident, even in some already opened industries, the instability of China’s policy also have risk for multinational companies. Since the world economy is becoming global, that provides a lot of business opportunities. Every multinational wants to improve their profit through internationalisation. The internationalisation process of multinationals is in close connection with behavioral models. Therefore, internationalization must be understood in the process in which multinationals manage to achieve their current international status.
在全球市场中, WTO(世界贸易组织),作为协会已经吸引了不少成员,它提供了优势环境,促进国际化进程和动机的跨国公司(坎特维尔, 1998) 。国际化进程和动机对中国公司的影响有两个方面。20世纪90年代以来,跨国公司开始自己的市场扩展到中国。由于全球经济的发展,每个国家都不能简单地靠自己的力量发展。它具有开放自己的市场,成为跨国公司。虽然中国政府加入WTO对行业的调控后不断放宽,然而,在许多行业的限制仍然明显,甚至在一些已经打开的产业,中国的政策的不稳定性也有风险的跨国公司。由于世界经济正成为全球性的趋势,它提供了大量的商业机会。每个跨国公司都想通过国际化来提高自己的利润。跨国公司的国际化进程是与行为模式密切相关。因此,国际化必须理解在其中跨国公司管理为达到其目前的国际地位的过程。

A number of difficulties apply to foreign companies wishing to operate in China, as follows (Roger 1999):
1.    There are shortages of people with business skill.
2.    Consumer incomer are very low
3.    Distribution systems are poor
4.    There are few ancillary business services. (advertising agencies, market research firm, etc)
5.    Commercial laws were only drafted in the 1980s, and are frequently imprecise.
6.    There is little information on consumer tastes and preferences.
1.3 Research question:

This academic research primary aims to explore internationalisation process a论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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