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解释营销与现实世界的例子-marketing essay

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关键词:marketing essay代写留学生作业营销

摘要:本文是留学生marketing essay写作范文,主要内容是解释营销与现实世界的例子,具体分析营销对于产品或服务的影响作用。


Marketing has always been a factor that decides the outcome of your product or service which a customer avails because it’s a factor which is known for its influence sometimes through big time advertisements and sometime through celebrities which holds influence in the market. Marketing is always another way to sell the product/service in the market as it is considered as how you present your product and how a common man perceives it. Therefore, companies tend to use their resources to get inside the structure and the thinking of the consumer groups through various surveys and understanding the demand pattern.

Example: If market study of a cola drink show that a particular group of customer is influenced by a celebrity they will make sure to endorse him so that people could gain faith and prefer their product over their competitors.

Marketing can be in any form such as through social media or advertisements or through offering the latest market trend to customers. Every food venture, industry and even a small scale business would be having its set of marketing strategies for different market segment, region area and even continent. These strategies are developed by understanding the type of the market, the purchasing power of people and the cost product of company. There is always a breakeven point in the mind of the service providers and as well how these companies choose to present and advertise them to the target market.

It were the strategies that helped McDonald’s to almost conquer every part and corner of the earth with reaching out to 119 countries and across 35,000 various outlets. Instead of suffering losses and stiff competitions they still ought to be on the top of their chain. (Wikepedia, 2015)

Reason: Having a good marketing muscle.

The franchisees have to contribute at least 4 percent of their sales for advertising and marketing purposes which enable them to pool in a good fortune because they know the value of the marketing and the amount of business it creates.

Every firm and organization have a goal to be achieved and similarly they also have a set of marketing objectives which have been pre decided, marketing strategies provides a direction and a path to these objectives and targets set by the firm. As on the first place these strategies have been developed according to the convenience of the consumers, therefore it becomes easy to connect the company’s goals to the marketing strategies. (ETRetail, 2015)

Not only these marketing strategies provide directions for the marketing objectives but it also somehow helps in identifying the competitions that is going on in the market. Such identifications of the major competitions helps firm to offer an appropriately designed set of marketing mix which will be further beneficial as well as helpful in achieving the objectives of the company. If supposedly KFC starts providing coupons which offers a complimentary item with every time you visit jus to retain its market share so McDonalds will analyze its strategies and will come 论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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