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英语新闻中对模糊语言的使用-On the Use of Vague Language in English Journalism

论文作者:www.51lunwen.org论文属性:本科毕业论文 Thesis登出时间:2014-05-07编辑:caribany点击率:14521

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关键词:vague language模糊语言news reporting新闻报道human language


英语新闻中对模糊语言的使用-On the Use of Vague Language in English Journalism


Abstract: Vagueness is an essential feature of human language, and it is also an important characteristic of human Psychology. As a linguistic concept together with a linguistic phenomenon, vague language embodies the uncertainty of the language at its extension, News is generally believed to be accurate, brief and clear, however, such uncertainty is often set against the authenticity and accuracy of the news. In fact, in spite of this particular feature, news reports are found to possess the nature of being vague as well, which seems to show that news reports are not exceptions of natural language. Applying descriptive and qualitative methods, the thesis being studied probes into the functions of vague language in news report on the basis of the theoretical framework of Fairclough’ s Critical Discourse Analysis, The analysis is conducted by a number of news materials selected from the official and well-known newspaper and news websites, seeking to demonstrate the necessity and importance of vague language in English news and its pragmatic functions within the theoretical framework. The aim of this paper is to illustrate that the usage of vague language in news is unavoidable and its appropriate and accurate use can help to improve the quality of news reporting.


Key words: vague language; functions; news reporting

Introduction  引言

   Vagueness and precision are the two basic elements in language. However, many people attach much importance to precision, while ignoring the vagueness for a long time, for they believed that vagueness and imprecision are to be avoided in human language. It did not arouse much interest until the beginning of 20th century. The famous English scholar B. Russell pointed out the vagueness phenomenon in a paper entitled Vagueness, indicating that language is more or less vague. Later, it was the American well-known mathematician L.A.Zadeh, a professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics Research Laboratory, University of California, who published the paper “Fuzzy sets” in 1965 on Information and Control that laid the fundamental ground of the fuzziness study. From then on, people began to lay much emphasis on the fuzziness study and therefore fuzzy linguistics develops very rapidly. It combines with many other disciplines, such as mathematics, linguistics, psychology, logic, etc, thus resulting in a number of new subjects about fuzziness.
   It appears to have two contradictory views about vagueness: one holds that language is a bad thing due to the possibility of leading to misunderstanding; the other holds that it is a good thing because of its flexibility brought to communication. We agree with Channell that “Vagueness in language is neither all ‘bad’ nor all ‘good’. What matter is that vague language is used appropriately.” ( Channel, 2000:3)
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