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关键词:Child PornMedia道德

摘要:一般来说,色情,而更图形话或故事化,其表现形式还有戏剧和艺术作品。 另一方面,它是一个伟大的和可怕的社会罪恶,贬低和减少我们的人性,同时也迫使我们面对社会禁忌。


The Problems Of Porn And Child Porn

“色情”一词会引起无数的反应,并萌生出本身的潜在感觉:有些厌恶,有些紧张的幽默或者一些真正的兴趣。 然而,添加“孩子”这个词,突然大家的各种反应都变得很明显,并且片面地会对这产生厌恶。 此外,一个词带来的极端差异,不仅是语境,还有定义的刚度,和立法程度。 而“色情”代表我国最大的灰色地带,但“儿童色情”的伦理和道德回应是纯粹的黑白。在本文中,我将探讨在这两种修辞和现实的不同性质。
第一个被称为“淫秽”的作品是Pietro Aretino写的Raggionamenti Pietro一书,他是一个文艺复兴时期的人文主义者。 书中包含淫秽的妓女和辛辣讽刺的对话教会和国家的复兴。 这本书被认为“淫秽”,并且随后Aretino贴上的标记不仅是由于性内容,而且还因为包括反教权主义、宗教怀疑主义和政治讽刺等内容。

The word 'Pornography' elicits a myriad of responses more numerous than the potential varieties of the product itself: some disgust; some nervous humor; some genuine interest. However, add the word 'Child-', and suddenly the variety of responses is glaringly stark and unilaterally negative. The addition of that one word brings with it an extreme difference in not only context, but rigidity of definition, and volumes of legislation. While 'Pornography' represents the ultimate gray area of debate in our country, the ethical and moral response to 'Child-Pornography' is purely black and white. Yet many detractors of the former enthusiastically equate it to the latter. In this paper, I will explore the very different nature of the two in both rhetoric and reality.

色情的道德不确定性-The Moral Ambiguity of Pornography

Indefinite definitions: Pornography vs. Obscenity, a brief history
The word 'Pornography' comes from the ancient Greek words 'porne' (whore) and 'graphien' (write), which mean 'writings by/or about whores'.

The first text to be termed 'obscene' is The Raggionamenti by Pietro Aretino (1492-1556), a Renaissance Humanist. Contains both bawdy dialogue between to whores and biting satire of Renaissance church and state. Volumes deemed 'obscene' which followed Aretino's were labeled as such not only due to sexual content, but also because they included anti-clericalism, religious skepticism, and political satire.

In the 18th century, the Marquis de Sade wrote a series of novels which were also not only sexually explicit, but also rejected all moral, religious, and political rules, values and norms.

While the tone and content of 'pornography' and other 'obscene' materials changed in the early 19th century from that of social rebellion to focus purely on sexual fantasy, the primary audience for it continued to be the wealthy aristocracy, as it had always been. 
Up to the mid nineteenth century, only the wealthiest had the funds to commission such works, and as well as being the only ones with the education to read them. The commissioning and collection of pornography of the time was just another pass time of the rich, like collecting art or wine. Some texts were even encased at the British Museum and the Biblioteque Nationale.

Over the course of the 19th century, national education led to rising literacy rates, and the potential for the masses to gain access to the plaything of the elite pushed the European and American aristocracies and governments to enact the first anti-obscenity laws, directed at materials cheap enough to reach 'persons of all classes, you论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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