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Resume Sample for Application Program of Communication

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A student of the Peking University’s inaugural program of advertising, I am writing in support of my application for acceptance into your graduate program of communication studies. With my solid education and my professional experience that is as colorful as it is rare, I believe that, with your seasoned guidance, I can build upon my strong background, for a pioneering career in China’s booming advertising industry. At Peking University, dubbed the Harvard of China by President Clinton on his recent trip to Chins, I have been a student star on campus due to my outstanding academic performances. When I entered into this university in 1995, I already stood out among my crop of freshmen, having won a total of scores in the 1995 National College Entrance Examinations that was the fifth highest in Beijing. A fervent fan of my chosen subject of studies, I have proved myself as much of an intellectual wizard in higher learning as I was in grade school, as demonstrated by my grades, which placed me at the very top in my class of 23. My GPA in the first three years is 89.5, a rarely seen high grade in PKU. My GPA for core courses is over 90, far higher than that of my fellow students. I was the only one who received 100, the full mark, in two theoretical courses, the advanced mathematics and appreciation of fine arts. In practical courses like computer design, my grades were also high, sometimes as high as 96. In recognition of such stellar performances, I have been named the top student of the department and granted Academic Excellence Scholarships for three consecutive years. I was elected the Student Representative for Academic Affairs. But I was no bookworm. To broaden my vision and enrich my knowledge, I also chose electives in such fields as Russian Literature and Chinese history. I have spent considerably more time in the library than my classmates. The more I learnt on campus, the more I hoped to see the real world outside the ivory tower. So in the first summer recess, I applied for a temporary job at the Yaxing Advertising Agency, affiliated with the China Sports Daily, when most of my friends and classmates were enjoying themselves at home or travelling around. Appointed as the accounting executive assistant, I helped organize a promotional event for the Atlantic Olympic Games. This job gave me a picture of China’s advertising industry. In the first semester of the academic year 1996-1997, I worked part-time with the PKU TV Net, where I was offered a splendid opportunity to improve my ability in journalism. Being a Weekly News broadcaster, I regularly faced tens of thousands of audience, which greatly increased my confidence. I learnt to think independently and cooperate wit others when doing the series reports “PKU students’ life”, a program which was mainly about student recipients of prizes in national and international contests. Conducted with creativity and diligence, the program was placed among the best programs in the PKU TV Net. Unlike most other students, I have never stopped working while in school. From September 1997 on, I have been working as a research assistant in CCTV’ s Qiantu Advertising Company, the sixth biggest in China. My responsibility is to establish a market database. Difficult as it was, I have handled it without a glitch. I have also done part-time work helping to promote the President Food Corporation and served as a research assistant in the S & D Research Agency, a consulting firm specialized in conducting ma论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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