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Zhou Qian Personal Statement Sample

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摘要:本文是一篇Personal Statement Sample,可做为留学英国的留学生申请大学的一个留学文书范文.

Personal Statement
By Zhou Qian

I was born in an era when China started to taste fruit of reform and opening up, and it was also a time when the whole nation was undergoing a historical interaction with the world. It is from this time that the entire China, 1.3 billion people, was driven on wheel for a crazy epidemic of learning English. Since my primary school years, my English had stayed atop in my class, until Gaokao, a Chinese-style SAT. Though, unfortunately, my high school life was concluded with an unsatisfactory Gaokao result, my English overshadowed other subject, making me firmly determined in choosing English as my undergraduate program. 

I was not privileged to honor a seat in the top universities, but interests in English never cease my motivation for self-progress. I think this is why I could stand myself out among English major students at my college, as is indicated in my academic records: 2 out of 76 throughout the junior year. Four years’ time dawn upon one thing: one of most significant benefits for learning a foreign language lies in the access to interact with the world outside China, which I got to realize in the second half of my sophomore year, during my in TWIP Foundation, as a voluntary teacher in Poland. In that fleeting 2-month, I prepared and conducted motivational and didactic workshops for the unemployed, as well as co-organized a presentation to encourage families to use foreign languages and do sports together. It was my first time that I’d tasted the fruit of self-accomplishment of getting my English efficiently used, and the delightfulness of teaching. 

Therefore, upon my undergraduate graduation from my college, I make a decision in working on Tesol, as my graduate program, in University of Leicester. To be honest, at firstly, the new environment and unfamiliar educational systems completely caught me off guard, leaving several of my curriculum on the verge of flunk. But that couldn’t reflect the overall picture of me. I believe after proper adjustment over a period, I could come back to what I once had been: a self-assured me. A couple of days ago, I received a qq message from one of the students that I taught in Renxing Town Primary School, and she sent me a picture of a new projector that was newly equipped in their classroom. I was quite relieved, and then days when we were together plunged back into my head. 

Despite their improved teaching facilities, one undeniable fact still hovers around my head that there is a huge drain of talented teachers in China’s rural schools. To resolve this, I have come up with a ambition to start up an NGO, either rallying qualified would-be teachers to dedicate to the teaching in rural area, or providing essential incentives for teachers who had already stayed in rural areas. There is a never-easy task, and I think proper management skills would determine if this organization could run functional. Therefore, at this time, I thought it a wise option to take a management program as my second graduate degree, let alone the prospective advantage in landing a satisfactory job. 

I was attached to your university not only by your renowned global presence, but also by your wildly-acknowledged management program. So I thought, the membership of your community is of more developing management thinking by your great mind, than of acquiring relevant knowledge. 

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