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46.advertising industry and culture in post-wto china..[内容预览]2010-08-27

Advertising industry and culture in post-WTO China. Abstract This paper looks at recent developments in the Chinese magazine industry to illustrate trends in advertiser-funded media associated with China’s acces

论文类别:广告英语人气:6248论文属性:硕士毕业论文 dissertation加入时间:2010-08-27收费论文 Charging Thesis

47.on the realistic significance of the rhetoric in a..[内容预览]2010-03-14

On the Realistic Significance of the Rhetoric In Advertising English1. Introduction1.1. Advertising was not known in ancient Greece and Rome, but advertising,as we recognize,did not start until the seventeenth century in the west. It was at about this time that newspaper began to c

论文类别:广告英语人气:22652论文属性:职称论文 Scholarship Papers加入时间:2010-03-14免费论文 Free Thesis

48.on the phonetic features of advertising english[内容预览]2010-03-12

Ⅰ. IntroductionIn English, the word "advertise" has its origin in "advertera" in Latin, that means "to inform somebody of something", "to bring into notice" or "to draw attention to something". There are many definitions about advertising so far, but one of them stated by American Marketing

论文类别:广告英语人气:3241论文属性:职称论文 Scholarship Papers加入时间:2010-03-12收费论文 Charging Thesis

49.integrated marketing communications(advertising ..[内容预览]2010-02-11

格式: essay. 每一道题1000字(不用写reference每题1000字)三道题共三千字.就像申论题一样 要求:全部用自己的话去写不能有任何的抄袭,要结合专业的理论和定义,并且分析题目里面的case. 1. Clive Lyon is determining the structure of an advertising campaign for a bloodless diabetes test. Discuss the different decisions Clive needs to make in order to develop a campaign an

论文类别:Marketing人气:3977论文属性:学期论文 termpaper加入时间:2010-02-11原创论文 Original thesis

50.characteristics of advertising english and busines..[内容预览]2010-01-06

摘 要 :随着社会经济的发展,广告已深入到人们的日常生活中。广告语言作为一种应用在商业中的语言,有其特有的语言特色。如新颖的词汇、简单的句子、生动的描写等等,然而在这些方面与商务英语教材中的语言特征有很大的差异。使之本论文由英语论文网www.51lunwen.org整理提供成为许多语言学家研究的对象。 Abstract :As the so

论文类别:英语论文提纲人气:3509论文属性:短文 essay加入时间:2010-01-06免费论文 Free Thesis

51.to what extent does the print-media influence youn..[内容预览]2009-06-21

Introduction:Media messages in our modern society are endemic. They are projected through television, film and radio, by way of advertising, via newspapers and magazines, on the internet and through books, brochures and posters. It is near impossible to escape the constant messages fired from the m

论文类别:media management人气:3895论文属性:硕士毕业论文 thesis加入时间:2009-06-21原创论文 Original thesis

52.the ‘nude’ advertising plan[内容预览]2009-05-24

0utline Abstract Introduction Nowadays although cosmetics shows a little luxury, still is daily consumer’s goods, and the competition of various cosmetics is more and more fierce.’ Nude’ skincare is a new brand which just was created in 2007 but was a proud to sponsor the Lavender Trust 10th A

论文类别:Media人气:2576论文属性:课程作业 Coursework加入时间:2009-05-24原创论文 Original thesis

53.linguistic characteristics of cosmetic advertising..[内容预览]2009-05-24

Abstract: As a way of propagating and transmitting information, advertising plays a vital role in the development of society and economy. Its function can not be underestimated. Advertising English is a special applying language when it compares with others like literary and technological languages

论文类别:广告英语人气:35622论文属性:硕士毕业论文 thesis加入时间:2009-05-24免费论文 Free Thesis

54.study of successful advertising strategy[内容预览]2009-04-30

Content Abstract Introduction The evolution of Marketing Theory from 4 P(product, price , place and promotion) to 4 C(consumer's need, cost, convenience and communication) , 4R (Association, response, relations, return) highlights the transformation practice from the product-oriented marketing

论文类别:Media人气:3560论文属性:硕士毕业论文 dissertation加入时间:2009-04-30原创论文 Original thesis

55.告英语的模糊性探析-the analysis of fuzziness in ad..[内容预览]2009-04-13

[Abstract] Advertising may be described as the science of arresting the human intelligence long enough to get money from it. It is thus clear that advertising has played a decisive role in today’s business world. The issue of whether advertising languages are attractive and persuasive or not has be

论文类别:广告英语人气:9003论文属性:短文 essay加入时间:2009-04-13免费论文 Free Thesis

56.the features of advertising language and analysis ..[内容预览]2009-04-11

I. An introduction to Advertising 1. Definition: American Marketing Association (AMA) defines advertising as “the non-personal communication of information usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature about products, services or ideas by identified sponsors through the various media.” Today,

论文类别:英语翻译论文人气:33391论文属性:短文 essay加入时间:2009-04-11免费论文 Free Thesis

57.浅析广告英语中的修辞analysis to the rhetoric inadv..[内容预览]2009-04-10

Abstract Nowadays, we are endlessly bombarded with all kinds of advertisements through various media such as magazine, newspaper, TV, radio, poster and internet, etc. Advertisement takes an important part in modern life, with its special magic power, prompting social and economic development. In i

论文类别:广告英语人气:43797论文属性:短文 essay加入时间:2009-04-10免费论文 Free Thesis

58.广告英语的模糊性探析-the analysis of fuzziness in ..[内容预览]2009-03-27

广告英语的模糊性探析-The Analysis of Fuzziness in Advertising English [Abstract] Advertising may be described as the science of arresting the human intelligence long enough to get money from it. It is thus clear that advertising has played a decisive ro

论文类别:广告英语人气:32731论文属性:硕士毕业论文 dissertation加入时间:2009-03-27免费论文 Free Thesis

59.analyze and evaluate the advertising campaign of m..[内容预览]2008-09-23

Analyze and evaluate the advertising campaign of Magners Irish CiderMarketing diversity and globalization brings more competitions to marketplace. Kotler and Armstrong (2006) state that advertising becomes a mass-p

论文类别:Marketing人气:4820论文属性:课程作业 Coursework加入时间:2008-09-23原创论文 Original thesis

60.advertising strategy analysis: a case study of kfc..[内容预览]2008-07-15

Advertising Strategy Analysis: A Case Study of KFC’S Advertising in ChinaTable of Content1. Introduction 12. Research Objective and Methodology 22.2 Methodology 23. Main Body 33.2 Proposition&n

论文类别:Marketing人气:24952论文属性:学期论文 termpaper加入时间:2008-07-15原创论文 Original thesis

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