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1.2 战略主动




Dublin Fire Brigade Strategic Plan 

Dublin Fire Brigade, according to Knight, did not have a strategic plan and expresses difficulty in how any organisation with expenditure of could be fully effective without it. This finding was one of many in the strategic review of DFB at that time and was instigated by the Dublin City Council (DCC) on behalf of all 4 Dublin Local Authority funders of the service. These funders were and still are constantly seeking a reduction in their payment to DCC for fire service provision because of the reduction in Government Funding, and the poor uptake in the payment of the household charge.

1.2 Strategic Initiative.

The Knight report did not recommend areas to achieve cuts but set out a time frame to put in place a strategic plan for the future direction of the organisation. The new DFB Strategic Plan 2011 identified the East Regional Control Centre (ERCC) as a location where significant savings could be made without compromising quality and service provision. The ERCC is currently staffed by fire-fighter/paramedics who would be substituted with civilians on lower rates of pay and shorter, more productive night shifts. It was supposed to be a major area for cost savings and has backing from the Department for the Environment. (DOELG)

1.3 Implementation.

Morgan et al (1995) suggests that it is one thing to formulate a strategic initiative and another to implement it successfully, and state 'public sector employees are not especially enthusiastic about change'. (ibid p.169.) Many obstacles and hurdles exist and must be overcome including union resistance to open negotiations. Management decided none the less to forge ahead in the preparatory and behind the scenes work to advance this initiative and were ready to implement it unilaterally if union agreement was not forthcoming in early 2012.

战略计划和公共服务-2.0 Strategic Planning and the Public Service.

2.1 Public Interest.

The DFB operates in the wider public service and has different forces operating on it. Analysis of public service strategy is more complex than the private sector. Lynch (2011, p.656) suggests that this is the main reason because of the 'wide ranging and ill-defined subject of the public interest'. It does not exist to make a profit but to fulfill the role of providing emergency services, a role which it has successfully performed since its foundation. In the current economic climate this is not enough anymore, the job must be performed to the highest quality level at the minimum level of cost. In the words of Fitzsimons (2013), better, faster, cheaper.

2.2 Civilianisation.

The ERCC having been identified as Pollitt and Bouckhaert (2000) describe as an area where greater efficien论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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