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Test Thirteen
当句首状语为否定词或带否定意义的词语时,一般引起局部倒装。这些词语常见的有:never, not for one minute, no longer, on no account, no more, nowhere else, at no time, hardly, scarcely, rarely, not for nothing等。例如:
Never have I found him in such a good mood.
Only yesterday did he find out that his watch was missing.
以关联连词not only(but also)和so(...that)开头的句子,通常引起局部倒装。例如:
So small was the mark that I could hardly see it.
gaze, glare, gape, peer, stare
We gazed at the rough sea lost in thought.我们凝视波涛汹涌的大海,陷入沉思。
People glared at the man who had assassinated their premier.人们愤怒地瞪着刺杀了他们总理的凶手。
Tourists gaped at the animal keeper feeding meat to the lions.游客们目不转晴地看着饲养员给狮子喂肉。
The detective peered into the room through his binoculars.侦探用望远镜向屋内窥视。
The girl stared at the beggar instead of giving him some money.小女孩冷冷地盯着乞丐,没给他钱
1. Any steam engine gives us an example of ____ into work.
A.heats having turnedB. heats turning 
C. heats having been turnedD. heat being turned
2. Essentially, a theory is an abstract, symbolic representation of______ reality.
A. what it is conceived B. that is conceived
C. that is being conceivedD. what is conceived to be
3. Not until a monkey is several years old ____ to exhibit signs of independence from its mother.
A.it does beginB. when it begins 
C. does it beginD. before it begins
4. Television will be used to enable customers to shop from the comfort of their homes by simply ordering via the TV screen, payment____ by direct debit of their credit cards.
A. making itB. is made
C. being madeD. will be made
5. A woman has to be ____ a man to go half as far.
A. twice as good as B. as twice good as
C. twice good asD. twice so good as 
6. Hardly had we got on the bus ____ it began to rain.
A. whenB. sinceC. butD. before
7. I’m sorry I can’t go with you, but I wish you ____.
A. a good timeB. have a good time
C. to have a good timeD. will have a good time
8. Many a time ____ them not to do so.
A. we have warnedB. do we have warned
C. have we warned D. warned we have
9. They have produced ____.
A. 10 more pianos this month than last month
B. 10 pianos more this monththan last month
C. 10 pianos this month as many as last month
D. 10 as many pianos this month as last month
10. He was hungry and ordered two ____ of fish.
A. sharesB. partsC. portionsD. sections
11. The best students are ____ special scholarships.
A. awardedB. rewardedC. forwardedD. honored
12. She stood up and ____ in strong language.
A. opposedB. reckonedC. objectedD. shouted
13. After becoming paralysed, Jane had to get used to the loss of____.She hated having to depend on others for things she once did for herself.
A. authorityB. autonomy
C. attractionD. dependence
14. Having poor handwriting is not much of a ____ in an age of typewriters and computers.
A. differenceB. possibility
C. convention D. liability
15. The ____ grades are generally considered to be kindergarten through third grade.
A. primitiveB. primaryC论文英语论文网提供整理,提供论文代写英语论文代写代写论文代写英语论文代写留学生论文代写英文论文留学生论文代写相关核心关键词搜索。

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